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  1. I brought my wedding dress 6 months before I got mine done and the best thing I did was buy one with a lace up back that way it didn't matter what size they were.. Good luck
  2. Agree I never heard anything bad and I had mine done at the start of Nov and no problems at all!
  3. I was going to Thailand until I found Dr **** went with him 6 weeks down and no problems at all. I have 2 kids and didn't want to be away from them for the 2weeks plus partner needing time off! Staying in Melb was the better option
  4. Sure I've got a couple if photos on my profile... Need to upload more
  5. Agree with Julzey Dr Fung and Doris are amazing. Had my last check up Friday and everything is great. Yep just day surgey in his clinic. Walked in at 10am and walked out just after 12:30 and travelled 2h home with no problems. Also Dr Fung is great any questions I had I just sent him a text message and he replied within 5 mins.... Very happy
  6. Had mine done by Dr Fung 6 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier, no complications no problems nothing and cost me under $8000
  7. Yes one of the November ladies wore her sports crop on back to front, the racer back will sit between them and push out. Hope this helps
  8. All the best DanniP please keep us posted ☺️
  9. Hay Lolapop I'm going great thank u. Recovery has been good a bit sore here and there but it's only been 2 weeks tomorrow. Plus I had my hens night last night and they pulled up great today (so many boob grabs from the girls wanting a feel) Sizing the plastic surgeon I saw recommended 285cc I think when I saw Dr **** he handed me the 350cc which felt huge. I went home and done rice 300cc and 350cc and decided to go the 300cc which was bigger than what plastic surgeon suggested and as everyone had said go one up. I'm happy with the size I probably could have gone bigger. Exactly what ness01 said go the bigger as there in not a huge difference between them both.., It's so hard but u won't regret ur dicission :-)
  10. Yes they said defiantly when u have dental work but cold sore no idea? If anyone finds out please let me know. Thanks :-)
  11. Question for you lovely ladies. Just wanting to know why did the surgeon as if I get cold sores in my consultation?? Just has me thinking and should I be worried if I get one? I know they said about any dental work i get done I need to get antibiotics to prevent CC, would this be the same thing....
  12. Agree with you there. I'm the same post op and I haven't been for a walk yet just normal every day stuff. I do find that by the end of the day they hurt a little where the stitches are and I've had to start picking my 1 year old up as my mum is going home and other half is at work. I'm still taking Panadol before bed and when I get up in the morning hopefully this won't be forever
  13. Oh Snowbunny u poor thing, hopefully it all turns out for u in every way x thanks guys I'll leave the little strips on and call Dr tomorrow to sus it out.
  14. Hi ladies so I'm 1 week today and I've just taken the waterproof tape off and there is these tape strips do I leave them on take them off???? Them what? I dont seem my surgeon till next month as I live so far away and I'll message him tomorrow but thought I would get some advise for you lovely ladies :-)
  15. Thanks rockmelonmamma, I haven't been to bad just taking Panadol during the day now :-)
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