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  1. Just goes to show cheapest isn't always the best! I'd rather pay the extra $$$ to have the surgery in a hospital by a plastic surgeon...... This is your lives ladies!
  2. I'm 6 weeks post op and would definitely recommend Tony. Don't let the $$$$ determine your surgeon. What's a few extra thousand to get perfect natural looking breasts. You will be glad you went with Tony ? Go on Tonys cancellation list, I was given an appointment within a week and surgery a few weeks later ?
  3. 1.64cm, 61kg, breast width 14.5cm, before op B or deflated C I was unable to go 200 as my breast width and pocket size. We do have good communication, I asked my surgeon yesterday at my 6 week check why he didn't put in 325 (I was told they would be 325-410) instead he put in 410. He said any implant smaller wouldn't have worked and I would have "double bubble" . He said there's no such thing as dropping and fluffing the way he did the implants. He said they will settle down a bit more as there's swelling. I'm just shocked at the size now. Looks like I won't be wearing bikinis at the beach this summer in front of my kiddies. Seriously I look like someone out of a playboy mag! My surgeon did an amazing job, the scaring is hardly noticeable, they are perfect boobies.
  4. Even with the rebate you only save approx $895 on a tummy tuck not much at all
  5. Crazy! Your opinion........I may be only 6 weeks post op but there's no way these boobies are going to reduce in size to a C cup even a year down the track.
  6. I have 410 implants and wish I went smaller. They look too huge in bikinis ?
  7. Thank you all I'll have a look at your suggestions ? thought getting boobs would fix my problems not start new ones haha
  8. Hi all, Im 6 weeks post op with 410 implants I'm measuring a DD to E in some bras, I think my boobs are too big I was hoping for a larger C small D. I'm feeling really disappointed as I went bikini shopping today at SeaFolly and they don't really cater for my size ? here I was thinking I would get my boobs done and then be able to wear all sorts of pretty bikinis, but no..... Only a couple of Seafolly bikini styles fit and they really aren't that nice. All the pretty ones only go to a 12. So can you please recommend where I can buy nice bikinis to fit a DD.... Preferably not on line as I would like to try on. I'm in Perth ?
  9. What a great result! You must be very happy :)
  10. Tony did mine at the Mount hospital
  11. I feel the same I'm 4 weeks post op and I still look big, I wish they were smaller still big even though a lot of swelling has gone down. My husband said they look great but I'm not 100% with them. I popped to the shops today to size myself, I was popping out of a DD didn't want to try any bigger bras as I started to freak out. I only wanted to be a boarder line C/Small D. I see my surgeon again in 2 weeks and I'll be having this chat with him. I can't see them going much smaller once they D&F ?
  12. Hi I'm 4 weeks post op with Tony and I couldn't be happier. Was a deflated C up now D I think not sure as still have swelling. You are in great hands with Tony even the nurses in hospital said he was the best in Perth and give the full natural look.
  13. Hi I'm 4 weeks post op with Dr Connell and I am so happy with my results. I was also worried that my hubby wouldn't like the "fake" feel but he loves them ? once the swelling has gone done you will be so glad that you went through with it. Tony's work is amazing my scars are hardly noticeable and I also had a lift
  14. I was going to see Goldman first then 2 people in the medical field said they both recommended Tony. So Tony was my man. I've seen l some shocking TT after pics. So happy I went with Tony his work is just amazing
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