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  1. T That is great news Little Annie So good to hear all going so well Will remember to take the Senna lol
  2. If you hit the follow this topic up top of this forum and then it will come up with options to receive notifications
  3. Awesome Echo2K3, Very nervous myself about the back to back but fingers crossed all will go well and will have faith in Dr Nyugen to know what will be the best. I was first hoping to be a large C? But now thinking will see what the biggest option he thinks will suit my frame etc and go with that... Fingers crossed maybe a D...? I have lots of piki's ready of what I like not really sure what size they are but says D in Google.... Oh and piki's of what I DO not want lol Can't wait to hear how yours goes!! So jealous you have less then 4 weeks!! I have 10 still
  4. Hey Banana89, I have booked in a back to back with Dr Nyugen (as I am flying down) at TCI December 10-11th this year I only paid deposit on Tuesday! Have you sent in Piki's etc to TCI for an approval? From what I have seen and read all the TCI surgeons do a fab job Let me know how you go
  5. Did you sort private TCI FB girls? Can you add me too if so?? xxoo
  6. Great News Ayla-J glad to hear all went well Great news pain wise and the anxiety too that is awesome, I hope I go all good too with that! Any suggestions of things I need to take with me to Sydney that I may not think of?? How are you feeling today? Hope each day is getting better? xxoo Awesome Echo2k3 yay same surgeon and you only have 24 days to go!! Sooooo jealous lol sending you a FR hope thats ok love to hear how all goes for you too if possible? Have you had consult or are you doing back to back like me?
  7. Soooo does anyone know if the FB page for TCI is a confidential one? I see it on my feed all the time and it shows friends who have liked it so I am thinking not...? But is there a private one do you know? I am only sharing with my close friends and family about my BA at this stage.... Oh and the lovely friends I have met on here of course! But there are prob some people on my FB friends list I DO NOT want to know! :/
  8. Yeah I was sure we were too! LOL hence the L's comment re navigating forum.... Oh well we are now so all good xxoo
  9. Same lol just can't wait till I no longer need them!! Yes would love you to keep us updated too just going send a FR if thats ok? xxoo
  10. Yeah same rach Yeah same, I too am glad I found this forum but still on my L's trying to navigate etc lol and I will say chicken fillets have helped a bit.... a lil bit... lol xxoo
  11. Yeah I hoped that I would be a late bloomer..... But they never bloomed BUT they will on the 11th of December hehehehe Yes we will have to update together for sure!! So glad to have a few girls going at the same time relieves the anxiety.... xxoo
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