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  1. There is a group tour on 15th feb with truly medical getaways. Moira who runs the business is a nurse and actually comes with you. I was looking at going but my step dad is terminal with cancer and doesnt have long to live so i am waiting until that is over
  2. Can you not get a loan thru ur normal bank? Skip the 450 broker fee from MAC and get a better interest rate while u are at it
  3. Thank you where did u see the before and afters ?
  4. Forgot to hit follow lol
  5. Following. Interested too
  6. Ok that was easier than i thought lol
  7. I ladies. My friend has what i dont consider overly saggy boobs and she has been suggested to have BL as well as her BA. She is only 26 and a little upset at this and is getting a second and third option. Ill try and post a pic on here just need to figure out how to do it ok my phone. Has anyone had a little sagging and just got BA no lift?
  8. Hi lizola. Please do let me know how you go
  9. Yup im looking at expedia and for two people its 1500 with flights so thats ok
  10. Thank u its such a tough job finding a hotel
  11. Ok ladies. I think this is where I am going to book.... i dont overly trust the trip advisor reviews so i know a few of you have stayed there and looking for honest reviews Thanks ladies
  12. Hi caninoz. What hotel are u staying at? Were finding it so hard to choose!
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