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    Lipsuction after 60kg weight loss
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    Dr Richard Rahdon 11 December 2015
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  1. Amazing!! ^ Here I am at 13 weeks post op
  2. Well here I am, 13 weeks post op So happy with my results!!!! Can't believe how I look now I love my tummy and my scar is healing nicely. It's dark at the moment because I received free laser treatment from my surgeon which has quickened the healing. This is a pic he put on his site:
  3. YAY!! So happy for you! Take it easy and let them do everything for you. How often do you get such help in life, haha
  4. Oops I forgot to do measurements this morning but took my pics! 6 weeks post op and feeling so good!!! Here's my incision in the last pic. It's red at the moment so hopefully it fades ? annnnnnd I weighed myself for the first time in MONTHS and I'm 67kg. Haven't been under 70kg in over 12 months <3 I also did a HUGE shopping trip and bought all of these amazing clothes that I've never been able to wear properly: high waisted pants, skirts, crop tops and dresses! Pic shows weeks 1, 2, 4, 5 and then 6! I'm walking more intensely on the treadmill, I also did a stairmaster session. Been work
  5. Back to work today! Wow swell hell hit me hard It's hot here and my office was sweltering which didn't help. I couldn't stand up straight again and everything was tight. It's amazing how I can go from flat to puffy so quickly! I'm a bit tired now but it was good to be doing productive work again. I'm also glad that I prepared and froze heaps of meals ahead of time. It's so much easier to stay on track with my nutrition this way. I'm determined to optimize my body as best as I can so that it's strong, lean and healthy.
  6. Mum05 is right! I totally forgot about showering but it only affected me while I was in hospital, and they have a chair to sit on anyway. Private rooms are so nice!
  7. Yeah I totally know what you mean. But as soon as you go into the hospital, everyone is incredibly calming which puts you in a really relaxed state of mind. I can be anxious at times but when it came to my operation day, I was so chilled out and trustful of the people looking after me Once you've got a canula, catheter, oxygen tubes and drains in your body, you'll be glad you've got the hospital gown lol. So uncomfortable. I was in hospital for four days and stayed in the gown the whole time. Once those things are out, you can do pjs and a tank. The body compression suit you wear can be hot
  8. Yep! A nightie is best but you'll be in a hospital gown the whole time you're in. Love how organised and rest you are - it makes it so much easier. The mental preparations should be your focus now. Pain, lower back pain, hunching over, slowly introducing daily walks. I could only do 5 mins with stops every few meters on the first day post op! By week 1 I could do 5-10 min on my own, week 2 I could do 15-20, and by week 3 I was doing 30 and nearly standing up straight. Really take the time to recover and heal fully. It's so worth it xx
  9. Luckily i get 6 weeks off every summer so I've had ample time to recover. I started feeling normal after the third week but I could not have imagined working full time at that point. If you can, do at least 4 weeks off. I'm so grateful that I get 6 weeks to heal completely. Apparently the muscles should be ready by then. Tummy tucks are the slowest and more uncomfortable procudures to have, according to my surgeon. People heal at different rates though. I'm 29 and super fit, but my muscle repair has meant that recovery is slow. definitely a worthwhile operation though! I would do it again
  10. Hope your fluid stops and the pain subsides, Emily! X Elle your boobs may fluff a bit more and look bigger in a few months time I'm 5 weeks post op from a tummy tuck. I'm feeling great overall, I can finally sleep on my sides and lie completely flat which is such a relief after 3 weeks of being unable to. My my swelling goes down more each week and my bruises have nearly faded completely. I still swell like crazy at random times of the day, sometimes after my usual morning walk, other times when I've been sitting at a desk for too long. When it swells it's so hard to stand up straight
  11. Officially week 5 post op! Wow it feels like ages ago that I was in hospital, completely relying on nurses to help me! Sometimes I feel completely normal but other times I can't breathe or stand straight due to swelling and tightness. Overall though, I am doing well and trying my best to stay fit with the limited options I've got. Luckily, it's not easy doing max incline walking for longer than an hour. It burns up a storm and I can hardly keep up by the 50min mark. I did some incline push-ups on a wall and chair dips. High rep, no weight. Wow my arms are sore! I need to do high rep more often
  12. That's so handy, Jen. Sounds like you've got some great plans in place. I'm not sure what will happen with your pain relief, so I reckon have a chat to your surgeon about it. The muscle repair will mean that you'll be hunched over a fair bit for the first couple of weeks, so it puts a lot of pressure on your lower back - mentally prepare for that pressure and pain there. It goes away though - just takes time Other tips: - Cook as many meals in advance as possible, some for you, some for the kids, and even prepackage breakkies/snacks so that they're easy to access. - Hire a recliner if you do
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