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  1. Hey bec! I'm constantly freaking out every day, it's so overwhelming I keep thinking I'm not recovering right etc Hate feeling uneasy
  2. Rachel can you please make me one?! I fly back to Perth in the morning and I'm finding it so hard to sleep upright taking it's toll on my back
  3. Hey guys few things I'm 7 days post op I accidentally lifted my suitcase today and pulled my muscle under my arm towards my boob, it's swollen and tender now, is this normal? When I massage the tops of my boobs I feel like I can feel it at the bottom of my breast where the crease is, I feel like the implant is pressing on my incision. Also, when I move side to side I can feel my left implant "wobble" side to side is this normal? Also can anyone recommend a GP with experience in breast augmentation for my check ups in Perth or a plastic surgeon I can go to for check ups? All so new to me
  4. Just make sure you keep the supportive bra on!
  5. That's what I did took photos of what I did want and lots of photos what I didn't want haha!
  6. Oh really? The right is over sensitive, the left I couldn't event tell you where it is by feeling for it because I can't feel it at all haha
  7. Ps spoke to my friend. Turns out she was 3 weeks post op and was putting her shirt on, felt a pop and pain and it was like her muscle separating and flipping over..
  8. Hey guys So for weeks and weeks I would look at people's before and afters and all the ones I liked were 270-300cc moderate profile. So when I came into my consultation I was like "I'm thinking around 270-300cc?" And dr niro was like, let's get you to try on some sizers. I tried them on and he made me look at my body as a whole, rather than focus on the breasts alone, I wanted my boobs to even out my butt and hips (I am tall too) and he gave me a few options smaller and larger, then he said guess what cc you have on you right now? I said I dunno 350? Nope... I had 520cc high profile. I wanted a natural look so he said 520, he said I could've gone up to around 560 but it would have started to look fake. So yeah he is soo smart and really does care about his reputation.
  9. So I'm 7 days post op now and I can feel the water when it's hitting my right nipple.. Not a nice feeling but atleast a good sign, left is still numb
  10. Hey Hun I just had my surgery last week with Dr Niro. He is an amazing surgeon who loves his job, he had me chose the best size for my body proportions I am so happy so far and I'm only on day 7 he's a funny guy to easy to joke with but answers all your concerns and queries honestly
  11. I went with Dr niro he has an amazing eye for aesthetics! Makes you feel totally at ease
  12. I has my surgery with TCI last week. I bought the capsular contracture guarantee for the extra $490 which means if it occurs in the next five years they will cover the costs Also MY surgeon dr Niro at TCI stands by his reputation, for example he said if one side was to drop and fluff and the other didn't he would correct it free of charge as he cares too much about his work and reputation. Not sure of others at the clinic. May I ask what's wrong and how they have handled it all too please I'm only six days post op xx
  13. I had Dr Niro, amazing talented man! Made me feel completely at ease
  14. Dr niro! He is absolutely amazinggggg!!!!!!!
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