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    BA with Dr Jib BPICS on the 2/11/14

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  1. No i didnt buy a post op bra as i wasnt quite sure what size i would be i just bought a supportive but not to tight crop and dr jib said that it is fine to wear as long as i have the support
  2. I am now 1 week post op with dr jib he is an amazing and caring surgeon he held my hand whilst I was getting put under anesthetic I haven't had time to put my story up but I will do that soon. You are in wonderful hands with him ☺
  3. Im getting picked up for my transfer at 7am so exciting will post my story after I have finished...... eekkkkk its getting closer every minute
  4. Im am going to dr jib for my operation tomorrow I know 3 of my friends who have gone therr as well. He is amazing hood luck with whoever your choose as long as you feel comfortable with them
  5. Yeah i cant wait it will be so relaxing there.... all up i will be there 8 night only a short trip but long enough Im so excited the count down is on..... 4 days 20hrs until new boobs it makes me so happy
  6. Ill be staying at Gracelands its soooooo nice and looks like a great please for me to recover haha ill defianlty be making a post on here whilst im over there keep a look out for it
  7. soooooo excited I cannot wait I have countdowns on my phone work holidays start in 4 days Flying to Thailand in 6 days and new boobies in 8 days. It is amazing how quick the time has gone i have been researching for the past 2 years and finally in August i was ready to go i had decided who i wanted to go with and the hospital had everything paid for a month ago now it has just been the longest waiting game in my life and im so close to getting there
  8. Hi all, I'm finally getting boobs and the count down is on.... I will be heading in for mine on the 2nd of Nov with Dr Jib in Phuket can not wait bring on my holiday i am looking at going around 500cc now will find out exactly what size when i get there
  9. My surgery is on the 2nd of Novemeber Im going to try and keep up to date on here and post my journey once I am over there. My surgery is with Dr Jib. Im so excited the count down is on just over 1 week to go
  10. Thank you ladies sooooooo much this has made me feel 100000 x better knowing that all these little tricks will help me out alot thank you
  11. Thanks so much Aussiechic makes me feel a little bit better know that you were still able to do all the things for your kids hopefully i will be able to recover the same
  12. I am going to see Dr Jib at Bangkok Phuket Internation Hospital on the 2nd of November so excited i can not wait will post my expirence after my procdure I havent seen a bad review about him.
  13. Hi Ladies, The count down is on for me im down to 16 days to go which is feeling like a life time away......... I booked directly throught BPIAC and my surgeon will be Dr Jib I'm so excited he has done a couple of people in my town and they are amazing you will know when you have picked the right location and Dr...... Im the same as you's after kids i can not wait to have my boobies back. By the end of my journey I'm hope to have a nice set of 12DD or 12E High profile Under the muscle. Ill be sure to keep up to date and share my journey whilst I'm over there.
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