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  1. Hi Summer37 I'm nearly 3 months post op and have almost identical sensations you are describing. One feels fantastic with no numbness, the other is half numb (all the way up to my armpit) and feels like I'm pressing on a bruise. Mine look and feel the same softness though, but still quite firm. PS says time and heat packs will help. When I run I can actually feel them bounce now, so that's pretty exciting. Hang in there Snowbunny, it took me about 5-6 weeks for the seriously sensitive nipples and skin to start settling down! I had my doubts for a while too
  2. Hi I'm 1mth post op and not one person at work has noticed! I don't know whether to be pleased or insulted They are really noticeably different in tight tops but I have discovered that my wardrobe consists of a lot of loose tops so I have not drawn attention to them. Pretty sure that's about to change when we head to the whitsundays for our work Xmas party this weekend! Hello new bikinis
  3. Feel for you! I was petrified of telling my parents and only fessed up one day before. I felt completely sick about it but I think it would have been way worse not telling them beforehand. They were obviously disappointed but accepted it was my decision. I've only been telling them for twenty years + that I'd get a BA one day! As a mum I think it would take a bit of time to understand that your daughter wants to change herself and that it's not a reflection on her as a parent. When my mum saw me a few days after she was like, oh you still look like you! Time generally heals so try to stay positive about your decision and good luck x
  4. Hey pink butterfly, I've had similar feelings, and I don't doubt that I could have accommodated larger boobs But at the end of the day, we've come a long way, and when I have moments of boob greed I remind myself what a major lifestyle change it would mean to have bigger boobs (exercise, total new wardrobe as I'm already having trouble fitting my clothes! and the list goes on). It's still early days so we will both have to wait and see how things progress over the next few months, but I'd take my new boobs over the old ones any day of the week! Try not to feel down and think of all the positive changes you've made. I found trying on my old bikini tops was a major confidence booster and it was hard not to laugh at how completely empty they must have looked previously
  5. Hi hope you are feeling better and seeing the changes you're after . I'm just over two weeks post op and would be interested to know how things are progressing for you. Have sent u a FR
  6. Hi I'm similar stats (a bit taller and a bit heavier) and a Dr Harwood girl also. Just over 2 weeks post op now. Please send me a FR if you want to see some pics I looked into cosmeditour gold coast alot, but ended up going with Dr H as I was keen on furry brazilians, so many positive comments about him (incl a recommendation from a close friend) and feeling very assured after my consultation. Every surgeon told me that rounds were totally not an option and I'm really happy with the teardrop shape
  7. Hi, I'm also another Dr. H girl 2 weeks post op. Feel free to send me a FR if you want. Good luck with your journey!
  8. I'm 2 weeks post op and have had a similar experience. I felt better once I stopped the heavy meds and switched to paracetamol. My surgeon suggested heat packs instead of ice and I really got a lot of relief with that, which I still do at nights after a long day. I found my "constant" pain settled around day 5, but by day 8 I started getting some sharp shooting pains. These have now eased and day by day it is getting better. The morning boob does ease up, I wasn't convinced at first but have started to notice improvement now I know what you mean about the strap, I was thinking of having a ceremonial burning of that thing!!
  9. Thanks so much for your advice and all your positive comments. You're probably right, boob greed will strike me at some point, but in all honestly as long as they are better than they are now and I don't have any complications, I will be a happy camper!! From the comments I have read it seems like the waiting afterwards is the hardest part and I know that I will struggle with that as I'm pretty impatient and hate waiting lol I'm trying not to think too much about next week, I'm feeling super excited and sick to my stomach about it at the same time Your results look amazing too!
  10. Hi DanniP, I'm really similar stats to you - almost 6ft and 60kg... going with 365 HP furry Brazilian teardrops Monday week (eeeek!) I'd really like a full C/D cup and my surgeon thinks that will get me there. The thought of really big boobs scares the crap out of me as there's nothing there now lol! My hubby is supporting my decision to have surgery but certainly isn't all that keen on the idea either, but from the hundreds of pictures I've made him look at, he kept telling me I was being too conservative!! After my consult where my surgeon suggested bigger than I had in mind, he was like, "told you so". Men! I had to laugh at your "walking contradiction right now" statement, that's exactly what I feel like most of the time. It's a fine line between wanting cleavage but not wanting them to get in the way lol I'd be happy to show you some pics after my surgery if it would help you I found it really hard to find before/after pics that look like me, just hoping now that I've made the right decision.
  11. Hi Karmaree, I'm new on this forum and booked to have my BA with Dr. Harwood on Monday week to get 365 HP Nuance. At my consult I pretty much said the same thing as Summer37 said... I don't want massive boobs and based on photos etc. went in with the firm idea that 300 would be max for me. After trying on the first sizers I was really pleased with the size and didn't think they were huge at all, and then found out they were 365cc! I was so surprised and immediately freaked out by the number. I'm going with the view (and fingers crossed it's the right one for me!) that the shape and look you want should dictate the size and not the number, as we are all different sizes and shapes to begin with. Going from nothing to anything will be a huge change for me I told Dr. H that I'm not going to be one of those women who has a BA and wishes they went bigger... I guess time will tell!! I'm almost 20cm taller than you and the nuance implants have been recommended to me as suiting my height also. Good luck with your decision
  12. Thanks Vivian. Congratulations on your surgery! It's great that you are so happy with your outcome. How did you find life with kids after surgery? Mine are still quite young, 7, 5 and 3 so I'm kinda in a panic about how long it will take to return to "normal" life afterwards. I have visions of having to shield myself with pillows as they all fly into my bedroom to greet me in the morning lol
  13. Hi millimoo! $9750 total cost for Dr H Yes, us poor mums lol... I loved breastfeeding but seriously underestimated the destruction it would cause. It was worth it though I did a couple of email consults with other surgeons before I had a face to face consult with Dr H. I'm not based in Brissy so I understand what you're saying about additional costs. For me the decision was based on recommendations, including a friend of mine from home who had hers done by Dr H a few years ago and is thrilled to bits with them. I can only hope to have as good a result. It is a hard decision but I came to the conclusion that I could probably spend a year researching, only to lose another year of not doing anything!
  14. Hi ladies, I've been silently stalking this forum for a month or so and have finally decided it's time I join.... with 8 days to go until my BA!!! Better late than never I hope After having read so many of your posts/recommendations/advice to others, I made a snap decision to book in with Dr Harwood in Brisbane only a week ago, after my initial consult. This time next week I'm guaranteed to be completely freaking out! It's been a 10 year plan in the making but when I found out that a surgery date was available at the end of the month I jumped at the chance to finally take the plunge. Would love to hear from any Dr Harwood/furry Brazilian ladies... I'm going with Dr's suggestion of 365 HP furry teardrops, the size scares me a bit but I have to keep reminding myself that there's nothing there to start with lol. Due to my size/shape I've been told teardrops are really the only option. I'm almost 6ft tall, 60kg, and my ribs presently stick out further than my poor little boobies haha. I'm not kidding! It would be great to have some experienced ladies to ask about all the post-op stuff too Thanks in advance!
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