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  1. I hot I got 325 HP, wasn't wanting to be huge, just filled back up!
  2. Just dragging this post forward as I too have something similar that has appeared 6 months post op. Can anyone advise? Will post a pic.
  3. I had a BA and BL and it was what was quoted but it went up approximately $800 due to the exchange rate!! And also the credit card fee. So that was a bit of a shock to me. (About 10% difference)
  4. I went to Phuket with my partner but did the whole thing on my own as he was looking after the kids. You will be fine, they will take care of you. I was totally nervous about going in alone but once there Dr B really made me fell 100% confident and all my nerves went away.
  5. Dr B girl here, after TCI said no because I needed a lift. No regrets they are perfect for me and I loved Dr B and Thailand.I didn't book through anyone just straight to Mel at PIAC. What a way to recover as well, 2 weeks sitting by the pool in beautiful Phuket.
  6. Hi My lefty has always been a little sore and I find if I do any heavy lifting etc I can really feel it in my muscles. I was thinking of going to see a doctor to have a general check up anyway to make sure everything was ok, Is a normal GP the way to go?
  7. I'm very similar size to you and got 325 HP unders. I'm a DD to E depending on the bra.
  8. I had a BA and BL in June and to be honest all my questions were answered before I had the chance to ask them. My surgeon was so thorough and told me absolutely everything I needed to know. Ask about recovery, pain relief, post op bras, when you can sleep flat on your back, when you can resume exercise and work. Anything that you can think of between now and then, write it down.
  9. I so thought this would be me. I bounced back so well after 2 c sections and long term BF but I was a good 6 weeks into my recovery before starting to feel normal. I think everyone is completely different and every operation recover is unique. I was so sure I would be fine that I only booked 2 weeks off work, should have been more like 4 weeks.
  10. Scars are healing well, I have just added another picture from today, take a look, the scars around the aerola are barely noticable and the line going down I can't see when I look down on them, only when I look in the mirror so it doesn't bother me too much, I'm putting bio oil on so I know it will eventually fade. I think one has dropped slightly more than the other but I'm aware that it's still early days. 2 months now.
  11. Hi Once you are face to face with Dr B I'm sure you will be reassured. I think it's very hard via email but in person he is thorough and does take his time in the consult to explain everything. I had a lift as well as BA, I was quite wideset too, he explained that he put my implants toward the middle to close the gap a little. Keep researching and reading everything you can about Dr B. It should reassure you. I've yet to see a bad review. Good luck!
  12. Probably a D? I'm a DD and they are skittle bigger than this now they have dropped and fluffed but were quite similar to this when I first had them done.
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