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  1. Hi cosmetic, One of the surgeons you mentioned/recommended is the one who botched my second procedure! I look a million times worse now!!! I have an appointment to see Dr. Nettle towards the end of the year but just wanted some advice first. I don't know when he will operate on me though as I had the revision done not too long ago but am severely deformed... Nostrils are asymmetrical which they never were even after the first op, the open roof is still visible, the bone is still stick out at an odd angle and now my nose from front view has no definition and looks deformed. Cartilage was added to my tip instead of bridge where it was needed and I have a Pinocchio looking tip, it's awful I regret doing the second op however the doc reassured me we would achieve what I want and what was done on computer imaging however this did not happen at all!! The scar was done so bad as well. Really hoping Dr. Nettle can help, I'm so scared this time around but there's no way I can live looking like this!!! Thanks for replying x
  2. Hi all just wondering if anyone can offer some advice... I have had two previous rhinoplasty operations the first was a closed with hump removal only which left me with a scooped out bridge and open roof deformity.. I went to another surgeon dr g******* and he was supposed to fix these issues however he left me with more problems and did not fix the open roof, this was an open rhinoplasty with rib and ear cartilage! I am now going to have to have a third op... I just want to know if anyone else has had a good outcome after 2 previous operations? I'm considering seeing Dr. Nettle in Bondi to have him do the third op... Any other recommendations or has anyone had revision rhino with Dr. Nettle? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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