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  1. So haven't been on here in a while, was starting to drive myself nuts in the lead up. Reading everything! Now I'm flying out in 10 days!! Getting to be so real now
  2. Just saw I put myself down for the 20th, but that's only my consult date, actual surgery is on the 21st (lol trying to cut down on the days to wait,)
  3. I'm with dr Lee, consult 20th January, surgery on the 21st... Seems so far away
  4. That's awesome news. I have a count down timer... And it feels way too long
  5. Hi ladies, glad I'm not the only one. I finally booked in yesterday, and suddenly felt like I was having a mini panic attacking. Took me so offguard!
  6. Hi March2015, I booked mine in yesterday with Dr Lee (so excited!) for January
  7. Since telling them we've taken the time to have lots of "talks". Explaining the whys and how's, and also (especially with miss9) that its a decision I've made to put things back to where they were. I haven't mentioned a large part is due to breastfeed, but taking the angle of my recent weight loss. Oddly enough several of her questions are relating to if women can still breastfeed once it's done (huh?) and pregnant women etc.
  8. My daughter took it really well I just explained why I was doing it (she commented I could try eating more, as boobs are just fat)
  9. I'm looking at having a BA early next year. Decided to have a chat with the kids about it today. 2 boys aged 16 and 12 and little miss aged 9. So just told them straight out what I was planning on doing... Then had a very proud mummy moment, when they just chatted to me about it, asking mainly how sore I'll be and how much help I'll need after wards just thought I'd share
  10. Hi everyone, new to the forum (already addicted) started research a little while ago, like sound of Dr boonchai, hoping to go through Moira early next year.... Seems like forever away!
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