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  1. Hey Cupcake!!! Sorry haven't been on here in ages. As a REAL Pousti patient, I am really happy with his work, and had such a positive experience with him and his lovely staff. I am perplexed as to why there are these dodgy profiles coming on and putting reviews up, I wouldn't see why he would need to do that, he is a fantastic surgeon. I don't know if these people would be affiliated with him, as this doesn't seem in keeping with the kind of practice he had? I also spoke in detail over email with Dr Revis, and was really impressed with him also. These doctors have so much more experience with the oversize implants, internal bras and alloderm that if you are looking to have anything done involving them, I would go to them. Plus the US customer service is great, so you get treated really well out there, and they make an effort with their aftercare. With regards to the internal bra, I am still a little confused with that. I had a small area of capsulorrhaphy (internal bra) done on my right side (good side). I can't see any difference, but it may have been more just to support the larger implant to prevent anticipated problems. Hope all is well anyway!
  2. Was it actually pus or just a bit of a build up of dead skins cells or serious fluid? I sometimes get that from mine but that's normal. If it's pus then you might want to speak to your surgeon and get some antibiotic cover. I've put mine back in after every surgery, although it has been quite painful and difficult, unlike my other piercings. It's almost having to repierce it! I think it's been out the longest this time as I had my surgery through the areola this time so I'm not sure I'll get it back in, which is probably another argument for getting it back in sooner rather than later.
  3. Defo get it looked at tomorrow hun. If it is still an open wound it is a source of entry for infection. It may just be that the fixomull has pulled the scab off?
  4. Pirates, I know exactly how you feel. I'm not a mum, but as an emergency nurse I would see people being diagnosed and living with awful illnesses, and having operations they wish they didn't have to have, and I would think "and there's me having surgery willingly for vanity". But I don't see it that way anymore, and I hope the guilt passes for you and you put yourself first for once and do something for you!
  5. Hey Noamiaa, I actually only had internal bra performed on my right side. This was the good side that surgeons here said even if they were going to attempt revision, they would not touch. The decision for the internal bra was decided during theatre when it was apparent there was some over dissection of this pocket laterally. I am so glad I did not have my revision here, as the few that said they would "give it a try" wanted to put a smaller implant in the left, saying there was clearly a size discrepancy, and put a couple of stitches in the top of the pocket. I tried to argue this by stating my breasts were pretty symmetrical before, and that the same size implant was used. My arguement was that the implant in the left side was squished width wise and constricted in the lower pole. Basic physics states that if you constrict a soft object widthways, from beneath, it will expand elsewhere, in my case in it's projection and height. This to me was quite obvious by the fact that the base diameter of the implant was narrower than the other, despite them being the same size, and by the fact I could palpate the edge of the implant that is meant to sit against the sternum halfway towards my nipple. I also had pain in this area, especially on movement and palpation. But I was told I was wrong. This was at a panel review by three highly regarded surgeons. Meanwhile the first thing Dr Pousti said was that implant was clearly constricted. After surgery he told me there was no assymetry issues with my natural breasts or chest wall, otherwise he would have used different sized implants in each. I also got a detailed report of exactly what he had done to try and correct the issue, and after seeing that I'm glad I didn't go for the two stitches and a smaller implant offered to me here, which was going to cost not much less than what I paid for in the US. Australia is behind the rest of the world in the medial field in a lot of ways. This is FACT. So often in work a new system/protocol/procedure/device comes into place and I think "we started doing/using that in the UK a decade ago". This doesn't mean the care or the system is worse - our doctor/nurse patient ratio in the UK is appalling, shifts are longer, pay is less, and patient care suffers - I feel as patient the actual care received and surgical waiting lists are much better here. Why do people take being behind as a negative? I actually think being behind the UK and US has positives - we can learn from their mistakes and not have to make them ourselves. And as to holding up two doctors from the US as examples, I did a huge amount of research on US doctors and practices prior to making my decision. It's just that it came down to those two. And I can tell you, things that are being touted as advanced techniques here are commonplace amongst a large amount of US surgeons all over the country. And finally, to address the issue of my "opinion" being that the results of this surgeon were sub-par, well, this is a man that boasts he can do a BA in 20 mins. A man who refused to place implants below the muscle in any patient, even a woman who was anorexic with no body fat and no breast tissue, as it takes too much time. Tells women to expect rippling. Well that would be globally considered bad practice. Coupled with the FACT that the company had major shares in the company manufacturing the PIP implants, and pushed them due to their investments. When the scandal broke out, reputable surgeons agreed to work with the women and subsidise or remove them without cost. But not this company. They continued to tell women they were safe and refused to remove them unless the women bore the full cost. But hey, just my "opinion". It would not hurt you to say "actually, you have more experience and knowledge in this area, you might just be right" instead of trying to argue with me.
  6. Really sorry to hear this. As aforementioned, most breast lumps are benign, but it's not easy to seek comfort in that when you are waiting to find out. I found a lump in my (already augmented) breast a few months ago, and my GP made an urgent referral and I had my ultrasound in days. Can you not push for it to be brought forward? Mine turned out to be a cyst. I brought the reports to my surgeon so he had them but totally forgot to ask if I could have them removed whilst he was in there, and so didn't. Rest assured I can still feel lumps despite my implants. Fingers crossed all is good and you can get seen sooner rather than later. X
  7. There is a likelihood that someone would be better with more experience (practice) but it is not always so. I tought myself to cook from scratch a few years ago. To my surprise I'm quite good at it. Yet my friends nan who has been cooking every night for 60 years, well her food is barely edible, but based on your logic, she would have to be the better cook. Likewise I have a few friends who have spent years studying photography, work in the industry etc, yet my ex, who had no experience in it would just pick up his iPhone 4 and take the most amazing pics. The same phone I had and would take rubbish pics on! Surgery/ medicine/ nursing is no different. I have worked with some fabulous doctors and nurses with only a couple of years under their belt, and some with 30+ who I wouldn't feel safe with. And why would it surprise you that he would be busy if his work was rubbish? He worked for a big company who do plastic surgery on credit, where you don't get to choose your surgeon. They are a big marketing machine. Add to that that the UK is no where near as affluent as Australia, but people still want the luxuries such as breast implants, and this company is cheaper than most, well you've got a winning recipe... Until they turned their back on the thousands of women they had put PIP implants into. Personally I feel that as a lot of British women are a bit more rough round the edges that their Australian counterparts, their expectations were often lower. I used to take some of their dressings off thinking "yuk" but they were really happy with them. As much as I wanted bigger boobs, nothing I saw whilst working for that company made me want to have an augmentation! As for the standards being lower in the UK, well yes and no. However, unlike here, any doctor cannot just set themselves up as a cosmetic surgeon, only a plastic surgery trained doctor, which I like. And I like you comment regarding anecdotal evidence demonstrating nothing. Didn't you just tell Don her statements meant nothing because you believed they weren't anecdotal? ! Just because you have a law background and are good at presenting your arguments, doesn't mean they are factually correct or right.
  8. Aussie surgeons are normally pretty conservative with size, so if he is saying go bigger, then I would go with that! You 20cc is nothing, but I would defo go the bigger option, or if even if he recommends something slightly larger. 345-365cc is not particularly big for your frame, so I don't think you need to worry about looking too big. I was like you with my first BA. I really wanted natural, smallish implants, didn't want to go too big. Then I got used to them and they felt small and I wished they were bigger. Boob greed is real!!!
  9. Hey Pirates, I totally understand where you are coming from, I really struggled with the idea of spending that kind of money on myself and doing something so "vain", despite having the money sitting in the bank. It took me a long time to finally allow myself to do it, and even then I felt so guilty. When I had complications, my first thought was "oh is this karma for being so superficial and having them done?". In time those feelings faded and I started to think some girls spend $10k a year on clothes and make-up - most of my clothes are either from cheap stores or the op shop, so why is it so different? When it came to my redo, again it was hard to do something for myself, but with the encouragement of a few friends, I booked it and am so glad I did. I had just come out of a long term relationship that had been very draining, with lots of family sickness and issues on his side, I haven't had a proper "me" holiday in the 7 years I've been out here (my leave is used on going home or having people out here), and it did me the world of good to be forced to rest up and enjoy relaxing without feeling guilty that I should be doing something. I never really treat myself, but I found it really empowering going and doing something solely for me. I know it is a bit different as I went away, and did manage to get a bit of a holiday out of it too, but once you let go of the guilt, it really changes your experience into something much more positive. Ask yourself how much of your time do you devote to others? How often are you doing something for someone else compared to how often you do something for you? You deserve to do something for you. It's not selfish, it's healthy. It sounds like you are a really conscientious person and have worked hard for it, please don't feel guilty, embrace putting yourself first for once
  10. As I have said before, I did not want to go to the U.S. for a revision. It was a last resort. Even before I booked the U.S. I actually contacted Dr Tavakoli, hoping that he might just be the one Aussie surgeon that could fix me. I got the acknowledgement email saying they aimed to reply in 24 hours.... and never even got a reply. But it seems that now I have come back from the U.S. and have told it like it is, that they are making Aussie surgeons look very behind, that might offend the egos of the surgeons that invest their money in to this site, so I need to be shot down. How can you tell me Aussie surgeons are more advanced than those in the States? As the only person on this forum to have ACTUAL experience with both, I think I'm ultimately in a better position to make that call? You seen to take that I have had a good experience in the U.S.A. which made me realise how slack some of our surgeons and their practices really are as an insult. It's not. I just wanted to share my positive experience after such a long crappy ordeal here, and recommend him if anyone was interested, just as those who have had surgery in Thailand do. I don't see them getting shot down when they talk about how clean and upmarket the Thai hospitals are compared to hospitals here.
  11. It is not outlandish. They are not a true representation of most surgeons in Australia. They are part of a small minority of younger surgeons who are utilising newer methods. All your examples are of exceptions to the rule, not examples of common practice in Australia. Now before you argue that the same could be said for using Pousti and Revis as examples, whilst they may be top of their game, the techniques they use are no different to other U.S. surgeons, they are just better at them. And just because someone has been doing something for a long time, or has done a larger amount of something, does not necessarily make them good at it. Some people have a natural flair for things that cannot be learned. How many crap tattoos are done by people who have been tattooing for years? Yet some new tattoo artists are genuinely gifted and do amazing tattoos. Surgery is no different, and I have seen that first hand whilst working in plastic surgery in the UK. The doctor who boasted the largest number of breast augmentations was terrible. There is not a direct correlation between years practicing/procedures performed and how good the surgeon is. I know you have talked to a few doctors, seen a few procedures, are heavily involved in this site etc, but you have not spent the last few years dealing with surgeon after surgeon, and with all due respect, you do not have any medical training. Not only have I been dealing with this on a personal level, but I have been nursing over 15 years including my training (which is hospital based back home). I have worked in a plastic and reconstructive surgery unit, and in cosmetic plastic surgery clinics. Whilst I am not a doctor, I do have extensive knowledge in the area, and I find it quite insulting that you are trying to discredit someone with more knowledge and experience than you, just to suit your own agenda. It's like someone who has been to London on holiday trying to tell me they know more about London than me! Also, and no disrespect to either of the doctors mentioned, as from what I see of their work it looks great, and I have no doubt that they are great surgeons, but have you ever considered that as this site is now a vessel to promote their services, they may only show you what they want you to see? With regards to the larger implant sizes, the only time I have seen surgeons here use them (with the exception of Dr Dona), is on larger patients. So they are not really XL, just proportionate to the frame of that patient. Australian surgeons are widely regarded to be very conservative with implant size compared to the US and even the UK - not that this is necessarily a bad thing, just a fact. And I think the fact that any surgeon that was prepared to "give it a go" with regards to my revision (again no evidence-based practice), stated my implants were far too big and I would need to significantly downsize, despite them being quite a small implant on my frame is testimony to that. Now I can see this post either being heavily edited or deleted, or maybe I'll get banned, but this forum is meant to be a place where people can speak freely regarding their experiences, not a place where people with a lot of experience in the area get shot down and told they are wrong
  12. This is common practice but BAD practice. I would with all sorts of medical devices all the time, and they clearly state whether they are single use only or an be reused. Breast implants specifically state on the instructions that they are single use only, and should not be reimplanted (even in the same patient). However, many surgeons in this country reuse them. They just dunk it in Betadine and reuse it. I really objected to it, but my surgeon insisted it was fine, and did this twice. I wish I had been more forceful about the issue and flat out refused, but it is hard when you are in that predicament. You do run real risk of contamination with an implant being reused. Placing them in Betadine keeps them cleaner, but does not sterilise them.
  13. Yeah BA they look fab. So many great pics on this thread, awesome to see just how much they change!
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