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    Breast augmentation and lift??? Starting my shopping for boobies now!
    I need/want that upper fullness... I want my pre baby boobies back!
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    160cm, 65kg, 10e
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  1. Hi guys... Gabby1 I couldn't help but smile when u said u no longer need to wear the underwire and padded bra! The struggle is real and is the main reason i want the surgery but also have doubts - like will I regret it later and should I just persist with the underwire and padded bras :-/ lol ... What size were u b4 ur surgery?
  2. Thanks maggiemay. I have sent u a friend request.
  3. It took me forever to find this post again lol. Thank you for the accept! I have to say ur results are awesome! Exactly what I want mine to look like! Can't wait for my appointment now!:-)
  4. Hi maggiemay. Do u mind me asking which surgeon you saw? Im in a very similar position. I'm currently a dd/e cup depending naturally... And am really confused as to whether getting just a lift on itsown will be enough. I don't want to be any bigger but I don't like where they sit now after breast feeding... :-/ Following this topic! Would live to hear from other girls who are in similar positions...
  5. Thank you ladies for your reply. I will definitely look into the dr's mentioned above! :-) I have kids that have finally gone back to school so I'll be on a mission to finally start shopping for my new boobs lol
  6. I have finally made the decision to get my boobs done. I am based in brisbane and am guessing I will need a BL and BA... I am a 10e naturally or 12dd... But I hate that I have no upper fullness. What is everyone's experience with brisbane based surgeons?? I'm a little scared of scarring... Also worried I won't get the best results considering I already have a fair bit of breast tissue to start with... Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Following this as well because it's extremely hard to find people that had larger breasts to begin with. This is what I'm trying to find info on! I'm a 10E naturally but I want my pre-baby boobs back! They have no upper fullness and I hate the sag they do have. I am going for an appointment in 2 weeks with dr Richardson in brisbane and still researching other ps but I've heard Phil is meant to be good. I am so interested to find out whether I can get implants with a lift and not end up too big. I just want the tops fuller but don't want to go up in size.. :-/ Were u able to get the BL and BA
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