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    Implants & lift
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    Dr Eddy Doña - 23rd September 2014
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    169cm - 62kgs - 10E - 485 & 520 round high profile
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    Photographer & mum of 3

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  1. Mine went bigger too! I hate them! I'm seeing the dr in a month to see if I can get revision surgery to reduce the size
  2. I had my 3 month check up the other day and I was told that mine are still sitting too high and if they don't drop by the 6 month appointment I may also need revision. Iv been massaging like crazy so I hope they drop! Did it cost a lot to get the revision surgery if u dont mind me asking?
  3. I'm pretty happy with the results, he's a great surgeon! I could have enquired about getting my nipple size reduced at the same time cos they're pretty big and I don't like them if I didn't have the stretch marks that would have been wonderful but this is life after having kids so im ok with that They look great in a bra and the stretch marks are covered up anyway so u don't see them unless of course ur naked! Lol
  4. Mine are 3, 5 and 8 and they haven't noticed a thing! I didn't want to tell them so I played the "mummy's sick and has a sore tummy" while I was recovering I felt so horrible cos I couldn't give them any squishy hugs! Lol
  5. I had mine done with Dr dona in one op and the total cost for lift and implants was $12,500
  6. I have stretch marks on mine too after the kids I just added some before and after pics, feel free to add me as a friend if you want to have a look at my pics
  7. I had mine done with dr dona in one op and im happy with his work
  8. Photos have been uploaded
  9. Nadz81

    Dr eddy dona ?

    I went with Dr Dona! I'm now 6 weeks post op!! Definitely recomend him
  10. Hi there, I had a lift and Implants done with dr dona 6 weeks ago. I'm very happy with the results, can't recomend him enough
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