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  1. Thanks Boobsneeded , I will def talk to my gpband see if he can't point me in the right direction x
  2. Emailed tci they don't do lifts there and the surgeon that workers there also has his own clinic dr eddy dona and he quoted me 12,500 - 13,500 x
  3. Hey ladies anyone paid under 10,00 for lift and implants in australia ?
  4. Kyza

    Dr eddy dona ?

    Great thanks dal , I'm new here , still Working it all out ,
  5. Kyza

    Dr eddy dona ?

    Anyone had a lift and implants , he is a plastic surgeon at tci but also his own clinic to do more surgeries , the cosmetic institute have referred me to him as I need a lift aswell as implants .
  6. plz can u post if u had lee or tang ..... Happy or could be better ? Thanks girls
  7. No I haven't got it I was looking last night to see which company are good , do u have any suggestions ?
  8. Yay today is here Ayla , thinking of u , good luck
  9. Oh thanks , if been seeing chiropractor as I have a 7 month old and while breastfeeding my boobs where f/g cup now a E cup the nipple definitely goes waaaay below the crease the chiro suggested it to me as they are very heavy , I've always been big but now saggy .
  10. Oh wow that is really quick , I'm from victoria aswell and have a few girls from my town travel to qld , is the the cosmetic institute cheaper than private named centres ? If u don't mind me. Asking roughly what is it's costing u and do u have health insurance ? I'm seeing chiropractor at the moment as my boobs since having my 7 month old are hurting my back , so I'm thinking of getting a lift with implants , I like them big just not saggy lol what made u chose the intuited ? I just don't no where to start . !
  11. Hi Ayla-j , this is my first nite on here so I'm very new , where are u getting them done ? Did it take u long from when u first saw surgeon until now ? I'm wanting a lift with implants after 2 kids I'm still a E . Are u going much bigger ?
  12. Has anyone had back problems due to large saggy breasts and had medicare cover the bill for a reduction or a lift ?
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