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  1. I'm 2 months po from dr.**** and my results are amazing! Very natural looking I'm size 6 so it's exactly what I needed. So glad I chose him! I didn't really have a budget I was willing to spend what I needed but I'd only read good things and made the decision to go with him and think it' was only 7k all up so I could not be more happy!
  2. Oh no girls I just read your responses! Hang in there take deep breathes as much as you can it hurts at first but will then relieve the pressure abit. Keep looking at photos of amazing boobs and remind yourself of all the girls who also went through this and that they are now fine, that helped. I feel for you both it sucks the first week and you will get emotional and regret putting yourself through it but you really just have to look at the date this time next week and think it will all be ok, it's just a matter of days. Be strong girls think of the amazing clothes you will be able to wear or remind yourself how bad you wanted it and that you will get the pay off soon enough xox
  3. Ice is your best friend and just get used to sleeping it off! Luckily I love my sleep ahah it's all I could do but you get fed up with feeling so lazy & useless. You literally just have to write off a week of your life and once you get through that it's all good!! I'm 8 weeks PO now and back to full gym workout, can buy unpadded bathers and wear backless clothes with no bra so life is sweet!
  4. Just about to upload some more photos I am 11 days post op from dr.Fung. Feel free to friend request me. I got 335 moderate profile textured round.
  5. Quick update - feeling much better, able to get on with things now,still achey and abit stiff (it's amazing all the things you don't think off like every carrying a handbag is tough if too heavy!) but getting better every day. Thanks for your support and sharing your experiences. Xxx
  6. Thanks girls, this is why I love this forum! Surprisingly I have no bruising.. Not sure if it is yet to come, I had round textured medium profile under the muscle, incision under too! Dr fung in Melbourne. Was tossing up between him and TCI for ages but really couldn't imagine flying and not being at home for recovery.
  7. Hi all - currently 6 days post op and thought I would share my honest recovery. I am a fit, healthy and strong 25 year old and after reading endless stories about recovery being a breeze was more shocked to find out it wasn't in my case. Just so other girls can prepare for the worst this was my experience Day 1 - completely drowsy, out of it and sleep, nothing more. I also woke up with an irritated eye as if sand was under it and could not open it properly without it crying - I assumed a side effect from GA Day 2 - waking up feeling paralysed (had to yell out for someone to lift me by the shoulders to sit me up) heavy feeling on chest and shallow breathing as taking a deap breath was impossible, constant cycle of being in horrible pain, taking medication, falling asleep, repeat. Arms don't work, yes you need someone to pull down your underwear so you can pee. Eye still sore. Day 3 - Still can't get up by myself, starting to get frustrated. Need pain killers the instant I wake up. Starting to re-gain appetite for something light. Chest still heavy, making more of an effort to take deep breaths, still sleepy and out of it, can't recall much from the last few days, feeling annoyed that I wasn't prepared for this much pain. At least my eye is better however I have noticed my right leg is numb on the inside. Decide to have a shower and although I feel much better from it I vomit from the shock and need to go straight back to sleep, another day completely wiped out Day 4 - still need assistance getting up, peeing, eating, brushing my teeth, putting my hair in a bun. I can't do anything. Sitting up causes all of the blood and fluid like feeling to rush to the breasts and is very painful, right boob hurts much more, ice, ice, ice.Frustrated from being so asleep don't want to take pain meds, also haven't been for number two's in 4 days and feeling fat and bloated. By the afternoon feeling abit better, showering with assistance gets some relief. Butt is sore from sleeping upright, still can't stand to have any material or clothes covering boobs Day 5 - success - used my abs to sit up by myself up in the morning, the blood rush feeling still sucks but arms feeling better and manage to pee alone! Right boob still so sore feels like sunburn. Can't survive without ice. Feeling much better, can breath normal but starting to feel very ugly from having no makeup and hair in a bun the whole week also fat from not going to the toilet in 5 days! Attempt to go for a 5 min walk but the fabric irritates the nipple so much I go home and ice, Ice, ice. Really wondering why I am still in so much pain when I had friends who went out clubbing 3 days after their surgery! My tailbone and ass is aching from all of the sitting and sleeping upright. Day 6 - here I am! Woke up at 4:30am which is rare for me I'm not a morning person. Can freely sit up Rightly is still sore but bearable, some More arm movement back which is good, I can actually touch my eye now! Get the strap off tomorrow and bra on, can't wait, hoping today I will be able to do more. Well there is it, I hope that helps some of you who might be in the same boat as me, I'm fully aware everyone handles pain different and am so jelous of all of you who didn't have this much pain! I think maybe the fact I have tight skin, strong chest muscles and am small might have contributed but I do honestly think I would have reconsidered if I new what I was in for. I'm so glad I have a few more days off before going to work I honestly could not have done it otherwise. Would love to hear if anyone else had a similar shitty experience because as I said, it seems the majority were quite tolerant of the post op process.
  8. Hi ladies, I had my BA yesterday with dr.**** and the experience was good! I'm a size 6-8 and got 335 textured round moderate. Doris the nurse was the highlight I the experience, I was so nervous and she was amazing and really looked after me. There was also a plastic surgeon there on the day assisting and Doris said they work operate together a lot, he was also very lovely. Results look good so far but the pain sucks! Hoping it will improve over the next few days I will keep you updated. Btw I asked him How many boobs he has done he said he has lost count but approximately 8 per week and in the last 6 months alone up to 1000. That reassured me so might help some of you .
  9. It's so difficult! I guess you need to know if you will be more upset if they are too big or more upset if they are too small. I personally was scared they will be too big because I have a small frame so went smaller, it's bound to be better than my A cup anyway so if you are concerned they will be too small they definitely go the bigger option I think.
  10. Decided to book in before 2014 is over! So excited, so nervous!!! Good luck girlies! 1. Shakie - Dr Sawhney 2. Brooklyyn - TCI – Bondi; Foreveryoung3 – TCI - Tang; Bloombaby - TCI - Tang; AMJ Dr Kwok; Bobo86 3 4. sandybottomperkyboobs- Dr Layt; gemmalouise - Dr Hewitt 5. BEWBZZZ - Dr Perron; Beccygirl80 -Dr Moradi; ezz87y; Ezzafitness; 6 Bree93 - Dr Duong 7 8. Fee - Dr Dona 9. Bec Bec - Dr Miroshnik 10. laurenneedsnewboobs - Dr Lee Brown 11. Raachell94 - TCI - Tang; Millimoo - TCI - Nguyen 12. Lindyloo03 - TCI - Niro; Lula - TCI - Lee; IDeserveIt - TCI - Niro 13 14 15 J1410 -TCI Dr Lee 16 Becca89 – TCI – Dr Duong; Natalie_83 - Dr Fox 17 Hayleylee - Dr Richardson; Starina - Dr Tavakoli; meplusyou - Dr Lee 18. Lolapop - Dr Fung; KLM85 - TCI - Tang; 19 20 21 22 Alison07 - Dr Tavakoli; Scoopie - Dr Boonchai; Gabby1 - Dr Boonchai 23 24 SubtleC - Dr Marino MERRY CHRISTMAS 27 28 29 Coconutsxo - Dr. fung 30 Rachy 9156 - Dr Brown 31
  11. Coconuts

    Cary kailis??

    My sister got hers done with him, the first time she had the pip implants which obviously wasn't his fault as they were approved, she saw him again to get then replaced, he's a great sergeon very experienced and her boobs both times look great. He loves to do them big!
  12. Thanks so much girls!! So nervous, I booked a consult for a few weeks time! I've never been put under, I think that's the scariest part!!!
  13. Just moved to Melbourne from WA, considered BA for last 5 years always been too anxious to do anything about it. With this big change in my life finally ready to commit. Explored the possibility of TCI but seen as I'm by myself really would prefer to stay in Melbourne, no idea what size I'm after, don't want them huge (want to look professional still in work clothes) but do want them high profile and round. Budget is around 9k.... Interested in Dr. fung as the rest look quite expensive as in 12k plus. Help! Any advice on Botox here would be great too, have an AMAZING recommendation for Perth Botox if anyone is looking.
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