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  1. I'm looking to get PHI as I'm wanting a tt, BL and BA done as well as dental benefits. I'm a bit confused about the pre-existing condition thing for my BL. I had my youngest 18 months ago and am just starting to wean. Would my breast saggyiness be considered to have occurred 18 months ago when I had my son - or when I stopped breastfeeding? The wait is generally 12 months for a condition that occurred within 6 months of joining. Just wondering where I fit?
  2. lmao they really are.. I did actually fess up and tell them that i'd already got it, but the woman just said um yeah ur ganna have to send that back.. sort it out with the delivery team. So stuff em lol. New iPhone 6 yea yeaahhh!
  3. I would look at before and after photos, with and without implants - see what sort of look your after. If your looking for full perky looking boobs then I would go with the implant as well, but if your not too fussed then I wouldn't bother as your going to have a foreign object in there, your at risk of CC as well as possibly a re-do down the road as they don't last forever
  4. They look AMAZING already! i'd be happy with those your'e only 3 weeks post op... think of the advice you might give to someone else asking the same thing, and take it!! x
  5. your going to have some great cleavage when they D&F!
  6. wow everyone really does have such a different experience - sounds like you where doing ok though, being able to shower on day 2! were you able to dress and undress yourself? i'd hate to rely on someone else to wash my crack. yeah i'm sure you're right, a few hundred extra is really not a lot to pay for a bit more comfort, and a lot less stress.
  7. I don't feel like I am being unrealistic, I am yet to have a BA so I don't know what to expect:) I mentioned in previous comments that I'm just going to fork out the dosh and fly. The flight will be 2.5 hours. Do you think that would be bearable? X
  8. I think you are right... As expensive as it is, I think it's going to save me a lot of stress! Now that I've got a few more opinions, I feel better about spending the money How far post-op where you when you flew home?
  9. I know it's crazy!! Yours would have been cheaper as it's between capital cities I guess. We only have Rex. It's almost the same price whether We go to Sydney or Melbourne or Adelaide And I just looked an to hire a car to drive there and drop off in Sydney it's going to be $520.. Not including a couple of hundred for petrol:( ohh the perks of being regional... I guess I just have to suck it up and pay for flights!
  10. Thanks guys. Hire car there and fly back didn't even cross my mind.. That's why I love this forum:) I will look into it! Minx- I can just Skype and go to my GP:)
  11. heyyyy guys, So i'm looking to book my BA in Sydney in sept/oct. But before I book a specific date, I'd like to know what i'm doing transport-wise. I'm from regional NSW, and i'ts quite a trip.. So, here are my options: *Return trip via train = 13 hours each way - $200 (+will need to hire a car for $200) *Drive = 12 hours each way - $700-$800 *Return trip Fly = 2.5hrs each way $1300 (+will need to hire a car for $200) *Train there/fly home = $700 (+ $200 hire car) I'd really like to save as much as possible because I may have to push the surgery back a few months if i have to spend $1500 on flights. I will also have my partner and 1 year old going with me so having the little one makes things more difficult. Driving would be much easier on the wallet but I'd like to know how stupid of an idea a 12 hour drive 24-48hrs after surgery would be.. and the train would probably be easier on my little one as she could get up and move around I guess. but thats a 13 hour trip.. would that be ok? or too much too soon post-op. also what if my little one is crying alot ahhhh! could be awkward and stressful. What do you guys think would be the best option considering my circumstances, what would you go with??? sorry for the page full of figures and rambling
  12. from seeing your pre-op picks, i reckon u'll get an awesome result. they're not saggy or anything and your nipple looks like a good position. Not that i'm a surgeon but because your thin and don't have much breast tissue.. they're probably going to look pretty round and fake if you go the TCI route.. the ones that look really natural are the ones that had breast tissue to start with. Do lots of research. look at loads of before and afters of boobs that look like yours. If you're after a particular look, i'd at least have a consult with a Plastic Surgeon first. And.. you never know, you're taste might change after ogling lots of before and after pics:)
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