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  1. Thankyou hun! I’m just so happy. It’s been such s long journey and I truly thought it would never come to fruition but here I am with boobies! Just love the size so much xx
  2. Thanks pepper! Im so so so happy ???????? I had them done by the fabulous Dr Eddie Cheng from AR plastic surgery in Brisbane. He is truly amazing and such professional and caring staff. They think of every detail in their office. But yes back to the boobies. I love them lol can’t wait for the coming changes with D&F! now @Pepper9how are you! How have yours come along? I hope you still love them xx Just some more pics POD5. And a close up in my dress from movie and dinner date night with hubby on POD4! Feeling good. A little sore today though. I think it’s just healing pain.
  3. Thanks ladies. I’m feeling good! No pain. Just tight and s bit discomfort. Still took endone last night to sleep. But I’m going to try just panadole from now and see how that goes. I’m so happy. I feel like they fit my body perfect! Off to my post op appointment this morning
  4. Unveiled these babies today. POD2 STATS 168cm (5”6) 66kg (145.5lbs) BWD 14.5 500HP Mentor Smooth Round Dual Plane
  5. Thanks ladies. Still can’t believevthis happened. Not in much pain just tight and stiff and so so so tired. Staying on top of my medsxaround the clock at the moment. I’m all bandaged up and can’t see s thing till Friday when I have my post op appointment and get my bra and can shower! I’ll take pics then
  6. So it happened ladies! After 4 years of searching, wishing, hoping, tears, cancellations and 25billiom boobie pics I finally had my surgery yesterday. I feel pretty good. No pain at all because I’m around the clock on my meds to avoid break through pain. I will try slow it down tomorrow. I can’t see anything yet because all bandaged up tight but Got photos from theatre. So happy right now! STATS 168cm (5”6) 66kg (145.5lbs) BWD 14.5 500HP Mentor Smooth Round Dual Plane
  7. Can’t wait. Time is killing me lol
  8. @Chlo that’s sucks hun. But not too far back. You still in mth I’ve had to push back so many times. But all set now ? here are ny pics from last Pre op. Pretty much I don’t know what size I’ll end up with. Surgeon has ordered all 3 Sizers. 500HP is my preference and if it does not fit then he will pick of the 450hp or 535UHP which ever looks best on my body.
  9. Woo hoo ?? im very excited for you
  10. Welcome hun, thanks for sharing your story. What a journey you have been on and how amazing to have your surgeon that you have known and trust. Totally fist pump for $600 ?? you totally diserve it though. My friend has 295s they suit her perfectly! @Wanting boobs Friday is my appointment to go over size ....again lol. Really freaking out still about UHP I think that’s whats doing my head in. Want to find out if the 500hp is really an option he is happy to use. If so trying to decide if I just straight up want to go with that or have him do Sizers during surgery. But I’m doing Keller funnel so not sure how doing Sizers works with that ? lots of qs. But def just choosing between 500hp and 535UHP. I’m not even considering they are dif sizers because it’s not noticeable but the shape, well that’s a different story isn’t it ?? *side note on preparation progress. Husband had agreed to sleep on camper mattress on the floor with the baby ? feel so mean lol but I need the bed and the body is usually in the bed too. That’s not going to work so yeah. Also bought Ice packs specially for the boobies. Still need to get my scripts filled. Should do that since I have them already.
  11. Hey hun. Welcome I’m super nervous about recovery too. My baby is 8mths and super clingy mummies boy. Sleeps in our bed mostly too ? and a 4yr and two older kids. Got my mother in law coming for first week. And hoping my oldest 13yr boy will be helpful ?
  12. Getting all my dental work done ?? $2000 worth. Oh well. Be all sorted then. Neglected for way to long and I’m sure if I didn’t do it now I’d get have something happen to soon after surgery for sure. On another note, still stressed about size lol. Going back in on Friday next week to go over everything again. This is because I was worried about having big saggy boobs and they said anything over 400 is a risk ? I’ve never been offered less though. I guess my choices are 475hp 500hp or 535uhp. Surgeon thinks 535UHP but I just want him to have one of the others on hand just in case it lol old stupid lol.
  13. Been waiting so long I’m not worried about missing out. I am worried about heat and sweat and infection. But plan on hibernating in my bedroom with the tv and aircon. Also my pool is just a little ubove ground pool so I can walk around in it and my bust would be out above the water....just ?
  14. I see I haven’t shared any pics of me trying on sizer here yet. Ok here is a few. 535uhp I think I’m actually starting to get excited ? 7weeks 5days ?
  15. It really is great to talk to other ladies along the way. Jump over to the jan18 group section to stay chatting if you go to main page then scroll. Down till you find the surgery month groups
  16. @lululemon hey hun. Yeah I got the carefix bras. An Alice and an Anna. Got them from Zodee site. Very quick postage. mite so hard with telling people they just don’t get it and they haven’t done the research or been excited about it. Try not take it one hun. Even my best friend who has hers done says stupid annoying stuff about the size I’m choosing just because she chose small ones. But hey she is still weary ng a padded push up bra after paying $9,000 for boobs. I won’t let that be me lol.
  17. Congratulations ladies. All the boobies look amazing. ? I just finish my final exams for the semester and wishing I was still a November girl. Oh well I can live with it. @elleg 545???? what profile hun? And anitomical right? Shall be Ingres to see the difference with me getting 535UHP rounds xx
  18. @lululemon that’s so exciting you’ll be one of the first if not the first to go for the jam group. Hopefully more ladies will join us soon. So far I’ve got some post op bras. Extra pillows and booked my hairdresser the day before surgery to do side braids in my hair so I don’t have to worry about brushing it!!!
  19. That’s very exciting. Congratulations. You are in very good hands. Come and joins the jan 2018 group section if you want to share progress together??? Absolutely! That’s what they are for and if you have not had any consult yet you really have no idea what your body can have you don’t actually get that many choice. Usually only two or 3 that will fit nicely
  20. Welcome ? great choice with surgeon he has really good reviews. I think the best place to start is just gargercwish pics of boobs you love. Focus on the shape and proportion to the body. Every size looks dif on everybody. So for example I’m tall and wide chest base so 500s on me will look like what 350s look like on a more petite lady. You sugeon can get you what you want best by showing them pics of what you think you would like
  21. @elleg I totally think you can pull off the bigger on hun. The other size actual looks very very modest on you. I have been on here for awhile now and I’ve seen countless posts of ladies absolutely freaking out over Sizers and saying there is no way they could handle being “too big” and then 3-6 mths later they are back here eating there words. *** haha I need to take my own advice ? but it’s mostly y the profile I’m stressed about.
  22. Look good hun. But they will look smaller once in and settled so just Remember that to. Either will look love on you. You have a really long torso. So do I ? xx
  23. Im booked with Eddie:). Surgery not till jan16th. In the end I chose Eddie because I have known of a few people personally that had not so great outcomes with Phil. I was still happy to go with him because he is always willing to fix problems and is generally a lovey man. I was totally ready to book with him when I cane across Eddie. Remembered that Mum had had a consult with him in the past and completely regrets not choosing him( he recommended a lift to her and she went else where and no lift. Ended up a few more surgeries and a lift anyway) i find Phil very pleasing and often ladies say he is too vague. They don’t feel like he takes charge of the consult and certainly lets you feel you have control. Some people don’t like that. In comparison Eddie is very straight forward and to the point. Will tell you everything he is thinking and exactly what he thinks will be best. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that Phil isn’t doing that. He def is. It’s just his approach. All that stuff is in his mind and what he offers you is a result. It’s jist Eddie is vocal with the thought process I liked that. And he was very adamant on the one implant that was best even though I had a choice of 2. @bluegumboot is a patient of Eddies also and had beautiful results. Either way you will have a great surgeon. Maybe just consult with both. In the end I really think you’ll just be choosing personality:)
  24. @Wanting boobs that’s fantastic. Such a good experience so far. Wishing you the best recovery! At least chest DOMS are never like leg DOMS ? I’ve not directly trained chest for 2yrs I’m preparing lol.
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