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    173cm, 68kgs, 1/2 A cup (pre) D/DD cup (post)
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  1. Hi ladies - does anyone have their records from TCI? I just submitted a request from here for my records: https://plasticsurgery.org.au/protecting-patient-safety/access-your-breast-implant-registry-data/? Did anyone get their's redone because of the allergan recall?
  2. SO I changed to 405cc's and got measured last week - Im a 12DD/10E! hahaha Oh well. they really dont even LOOK that big AT ALL.
  3. Sorry its taken me so long to update you guys! All went fine for singing! Didnt impact my breathing or vocals at all! Only problems i encountered was feeling naseous on the day due to a build up of meds from the previous two days, and being super tired BUT hubby and I left after the ceremony and napped for two hours before heading back for the reception lol
  4. Im booked in with dr tang in two weeks time for my surgery!! eeek! Getting real!
  5. My hubsy and my mum although I have a feeling my mum will be doing most of the work lol hahaha you??
  6. Lunges, squats and my personal favourite - glute bridges... Also doing leg press with the feet further up on the foot press whilst pushing through your heels : )
  7. Thanks ladies.... hmmm so tough... My husband thinks I should be fine but I'm nervous! lol I still dont even know what I'm singing! It's only one song I believe but am not sure just yet. I also have to figure out whether I should practise piano for it or sing to a backing track...Im leaning towards the latter lol
  8. I'm supposed to sing at a friend's wedding four days post op but Im scared I wont be able to due to the compression on my chest! Anyone have experience in this area?? I dont want to have to pull out on my friend as its only two months away and I dont want to leave her in the lurch! :/
  9. ahhh right! Sorry lol new to all the lingo haha Wow -58 kilos is what Im ultimately aiming for! I think I could deal with a D as long as it was a small D. (im a conservative person so I want to be able to hide them when I want to)
  10. I have no idea what a bwd is? What bra size were you before and what size are you now? 58K? is that your size?
  11. Your almost my stats! (Hoping to be 64 by the surgery date!) I'm not even an A cup so 445 should hopefully not make me more than a D! I'm so nervous!!! Ps I went to add you and realised I get the surgery on your birthday! Lol
  12. this is helping a lot ladies thank you!!
  13. Ooo yay! Lol that would explain why I couldn't find it! Haha I'll inbox it to you!
  14. I can't find the private TCI FB page only the promo one that everyone can see : ( can u send a link? I've told a few people but am keeping it to myself mostly. I've decided though that if people notice (which I'm sure they will) I'll just embrace it. Or try to. It's no one else's business why I'm getting it done really so if they disagree they can bugger off lol haha harsh but still.
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