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  1. Cosmetic where can I see your nose? I want to see your pics
  2. Hi caterpillar, I haven't seen your nose but i wanted to befriend you but I don't friend guys because I have my boobs up in my gallery
  3. Caterpillar are you male or female?
  4. Ken another dr pincock patient here. I am very happy. I'm 2 months post op and I had very little pain or swelling post op. My nose shape is significantly better than before and looked good enough to go back to work at the two week mark but improved after a few weeks as more swelling went down. No regrets. I also had septoplasty, turbinate reduction and mini fess for sinuses.
  5. Mrs j my scars are bad too. Abby said they will give me silicon tape or try other things if at three months they aren't much improved. I do think it will improve with time. I thought they were awful but Abby said they look like they are healing well. I got a bra at brs n things for $20 on sale today . I got a cami from sportsgirl that looks good and is low cut but not thick straps I just let my bra straps show. hope you find something that works. Bec Bec they look good and not too exposed at all
  6. My dr said stabbing pains and so forth can come and go over up to three months but email your surgeon to check but probably nothing to worry about
  7. Hi ladies, happy new years to us! My update: full sensation upper pole, lower part under nipple still pretty numb some feeling but numb, nipples are not sore but don't have the normal sensation back, medium softness so not like rocks any more, can squish together, dropped enough for my surgeon but still a bit like torpedoes so my dr said jogging will help, size 10d and wearing underwire bras from 6 weeks, no real restrictions on life or fitness but easing back into gym slowly and side sleeping not stomach sleeping. Using stratderm scar therapy each night and scars healing well. Shopping favs: low cut play suit from kookai really shows them off, monokinis look so good as the boobs stick out nicely I love triangle bikini tops, silky singlets where it looks like I have a mad push up bra on but of course I don't, workout tops look good over the girls. I find I want tops that shows them off, covered up makes me feel fat so I wear things with a cinched waste to make more obvious hour glass. Would love to hear how everyone is doing and any other fashion or bra shopping tips. Bec Bec no side boob pain for me sorry can't help
  8. Krittle I'm a November girl and I had bad pain, day one I was on morphine not endone because I was a 7/10 pain. I had unders and first two days were bad then got better. I had a slow recovery drains in for 3 days but I'm 6 weeks now and feel great all back to normal and went for a jog and my boobs have dropped and all normal no complications etc so please don't despair it gets better each day!!!
  9. That's fantastic glitter gal! Let us know your size and how it goes! I'm a 10D at 6 weeks and hope I don't shrink. Have fun bra shopping I was taking selfies in the change room haha
  10. Bra shopping! For ladies on sydney the bendon outlet at Birkenhead point has great bras for $20. I got a pleasure state white label and an Elle macpherson essential luxury, each $20 down from $70 and they had some matching g-strings. My surgeon recommended these but really seemed quite relaxed about me wearing anything comfortable. I measured 10D
  11. Well put. I'm really sad for those who don't get the same experience I did as if it goes wrong in surgery it can really go wrong .
  12. Mrs j not long to go now before you can get back to your normal routine hang in there!
  13. Haha I waited til almost 3 weeks for sex. What's the point of nice boobs and no sex
  14. What's everyone's post op gym routine? I'm 5 weeks and doing 30 mins stationary bike or incline walk and body weight lunges and squats. At 6 weeks I'm going back to spin and leg weights and gradually will start jogging and classes. Was so good to sweat today! Hope I haven't been getting too fat. Hard to eat well this time of year!
  15. I'm not sure. I was a Dr Tavakoli patient too. Had my operation on 10 November and I've been very happy with everything so far. I did have a tough time as I have scoliosis and it was definitely not pain free in the first few days and I had drains left in for 3 days. However, the post op support has been great. He has already seen me 3 times since the operation and I'm going back in next week just for a final check before Christmas. I have found his team really responsive (same day email replies) and caring and remembering silly questions I asked over email when I come in person. I found him to be so personable at each interaction. I also shared a room with a lady who had rhinoplasty and other procedures from Dr T and I've kept in touch with her and she can't sing his praises enough and her results look amazing. There are lots of positive reviews on here about Dr Tavakoli which is partly why I chose him and paid a deposit before I even met him. I also chose him because he came recommended from my sinus surgeon Dr Pincock whose opinion I trust. Whilst I too read the rhinoplasty review you are referring to and it really shocked and concerned me (every part of it!) I have to personally chalk that up to hopefully a rare occurrence from an otherwise very reputable surgeon. The follow up she described really was at odds with my own experience. It certainly hasn't been my experience and I would still recommend him to anyone including family members looking to go for a breast augmentation.
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