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  1. Reading this actually made me laugh a little. Because one of GFs tried to convince me not to go with the size I ended up choosing. Because of the amount of padding I wore hardly anyone noticed. That being said. I WAS a pear shape and now 165cms 59kgs (+implants
  2. This made me laugh... Think I was day 5!!! Love it! Bahaha!
  3. OMG!! I feel like a little fatty with big boobs! Haha!! Week 3 tomorrow. Body weight squats, lunges, box steps, marching on the spot (shoot me haha weather means no walking) etc. Have been using a broom stick for front squats, back squats and overheads to maintain mobility. I'd found a week ago my armpits were tight. Feel heaps better after working and slowly getting my arms above my head more often. The mondors chords aren't helping with this. But I find particular bras make it worse. Otherwise my fitness regimes pretty much revolve around researching and deciding on what my training plan will be come 12 Jan when I can start introducing weights pending the thumbs up.
  4. Like the others, I stopped about day 4. I did need a Valium I think about day 8 after having a rough day. Then this weekend (2 weeks post op) needed nurofen due to discomfort related to mondors cords. Other than that have had only panadol on occasion usually after a big day.
  5. Like you, I think I might me a bit of a slow healer too! Great to hear your PS has said everything is ok. I find part of it is just not really knowing what to expect. I mean we read other people's experiences and researchered it and everything but when we're now going through it you can't help but wonder if what your feeling is normal. If that makes sense?!
  6. I'm not sure what normal is as I think it's different for everyone. I can't really comment cause I'm only 2 weeks post op. But I know my surgeon has asked me no underwire for 6 weeks and a very slow progression of physical activity without actually returning to anything too strenuous by 6 weeks. I still have morning boob and have to nearly roll off the side of the bed still in the mornings. It's pretty funny. So I'm guessing and expecting I'll have it for awhile yet. It's not painful though. As for the hardness I'd probably get in touch with your surgeon. I was starting to panic about the mondors cords and was so relieved to after I spoke to my surgeon.
  7. Hey Brookestar.. Yes, I do have Mondors Cords. A handful of veins under each breast below the incisions have become inflammed during their healing process post surgery and are pulling under the skin. Everytime I raise my arms above my head or do things like leaning forward to shave my legs etc they pull. They resolve and heal themselves over 1 - 2 months. It's not painful at the start of the day but toward the end of the day I do find them to be slightly painful as my tolerance wears off and I still have some swelling and distcomfort being only 2 weeks post op. I've been applying a heat pack to them at night, taking Nurofen and trying to take it a bit easier of an evening. It's a bit of a double edge sword though because I'm alowly trying to do more and more around the house etc to keep mobile but then Im reluctant because it pulls.
  8. I was exactly the same. I started wearing a M soft cup seamless LJ crop to work approx 3 weeks out from surgery. My uniform shirts are a classic cut scoop neck tee and quite fitted. I was certain people would notice post op. No one has. Not even batted an eye lid.
  9. I'm a 350 extra high profile nuance furry brazillian. Love the size. They're approx DD (I'm only 2 weeks post op). I've been wearing an 10E complete comfort bra but that's to accommodate for slight swelling still. I'm 59kgs 165cm and athletic build. We only just had the conversation again this morning I'm so very glad I went this size (it was up from what I had originally thought) and I'm certain I would have been disappointed.
  10. I'm a bit behind and can't wait to have a coffee and read everyone's posts tomorrow morning to catch up with how everyone is going. Curious has / is anyone experiencing mondors cords?
  11. Hiya IBR!! Happy for a FR. I'm 165cm 59kgs (plus implants now haha) and was ABSOLUTELY terrified of the same thing. I went under the muscle 350 nuance extra high profile. I wanted some size without looking massive, wanted to look natural and wanted to be in proportion with my body. Hope this helps. Good luck
  12. Urghh!! I feel like I've hit some sort of 2 week post op boobs blues and nearly ended up crying in the change rooms today. It sounds silly. I love my boobs, they're fantastic. But up until now I've been pretty much wearing next to nothing at home or my uniform through the day. I do have one dress and a couple party dresses but everything else just doesn't look quite right anymore. I have been wearing LJ crops the last week but they rub on my incisions. I ended up getting measured and fitted today and walked away with a 10E complete comfort bra. She said i'll probably end up being a 10DD but at least it feels a bit a bit more comfortable at the moment. Apart from that I've tried shopping a couple times and clearly I'm still picking things that I'd wear before to distract attention from my chest... These sorts of dresses and tops just don't suit me anymore and I look like a block or a tent. I've lathered my incisions up in bio oil today hoping it'll soften the skin a little and not pull so much. Sorry for the whinge ladies... Just getting used to the girls and working out my new style. Xx
  13. I've actually found post op my vision is blurry when using my glasses. Thought maybe it was just me but took more notice since I read your comment.
  14. Yep! I was a 10 to 12 A empty cup. Got measured and fitted today and now a DD. Walked away with an E though because they're still settling. My weight was more in my hips before. Now they're in proportion with my boobs
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