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    305cc moderate plus profile teardrops, unders.
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    51kg, 10AA post op

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  1. Hey I had my op with Dr Tav on the 10th, and I was mildly tuberous. Sending you a friend request Hey I had my op on the 10th and I was mildly tuberous. Would love to see your results. Have sent you a FR
  2. Wow they are looking good and really taking shape
  3. Good luck!! What cc are you thinking?
  4. Thanks, am feeling much more optimistic now. That's exactly how I would describe them - flat and compacted
  5. Hi, had my BA just under a week ago. Pre op 12AA and was hoping to be a full C cup post BA. My surgeon used 305cc mod plus profile teardrops under the muscle. I have felt sad all week because I am worried that I will not be the full c I have so badly wanted. They are also sitting a fair way apart (I am struggling to understand how they can move closer together). I know it is still early days but I would love to hear from others. Does anyone have any positive outcomes with similar stats to mine. I am petite framed and 51kg.
  6. Hi girls, I had my BA last Wednesday and am feeling a bit down. I know I should be happy but I can't help but feel sad with what I went with. I am small framed and got 305cc teardrops under the muscle. Started out as barely an A. Has anyone had similar experiences to me? I feel like they are small and that I will only be a 12B. I wanted to be a full c. Someone make me feel better lol.
  7. Seiboob, how long did you have to wear a post op bra or whatever it is after surgery? How long was it till you were moving around fine and could go out sort of thing?
  8. Seiboob what kind of deposit did you have to pay when you booked surgery? Thanks in advance
  9. That's good to hear another good review about his work. Best of luck to you too!
  10. Thanks that will be great how did you find your consultation?
  11. Thanks heaps! Such a stressful decision especially when you see good and then bad reviews. How much did he quote you?
  12. Hi, new to this forum. I'm hoping I could get some reviews on Dr K Tavakoli. I have heard he is a man of few words and this worries me a little. He is a standout surgeon in my research and I really like his work. I am after a natural c cup augmentation and am in the process of booking a consultation. Any replies would be very much appreciated!!
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