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    Abdominoplasty, hernia repair and some truly cosmetic flank and lumbar liposuction.
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    Dr Magnussen 13 October 2014
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    179cm, 71 kgs.
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    Police Prosecutor
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    Exercise, FOOD!, my husband, my kids and my friends, and now, clothes!!!!
  1. Hey everyone, I've been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, my dream job was advertised 4 days after my op and I've frantically been doing a job application for the last two weeks, oh and one sister inlaw had her baby at 28 weeks, and the other one is in labour as I type. I can inform you all if you are looking for distraction in the first 3 weeks, that will do it. Side sleeping is fine, I definitely don't seem to be in any pain, just discomfort now. But give me strength with the swelling, I am still bigger now than before the surgery! I've had to get a medical certificate to excuse me from wearing my uniform at work. Has anybody else had the same thing? The nurse at the surgery says not to do too much or the swelling will increase, but I don't actually think I'm doing too much at all, (as my house and the 2 year old who has taken up permanent residency in front of ABC 2 can attest...) Furthermore, is anyone got a 'get back into exercise' plan? I've got a fair idea what I'll be doing, but I'm looking for a bit of inspo.
  2. Erghhhhhh... Day 12? I don't know I've lost count... Having a bad day, sick of being bloated, sick of having a sore tummy, sick of wearing compression pants, sick of the small stabby pain on the right side... I went out for coffee with my dad and sister for coffee tonight, wearing the biggest pair of elastic waisted pants I own!!!! Light? End of tunnel? Where are you??????
  3. Thanks TM, I'm hoping to get some photos up soon, in all of my pre photos, I look so sad, my gorgeous friend suggested I looked like I was being sized up for a coffin.. I can not get over how quickly the pain has subsided!!! I'm off for my one week check up tomorrow and I'm going to ask about coming off the pain killers, absolutely amazed! fillmylootysocks, I did get lipo flank and lumbar region, my surgeon assured me that by doing the procedure it would balance me out nicely. I too just trusted that he knew what he was talking about and went with his suggestion. Side note, when looking at my bottom, he said, 'you can see here, this part of your bottom is lovely'. I wanted him to write that bit down and sign off on it..
  4. Hey girls, I'm now day 5 post op, I'm super swollen and still can't stand up straight, not so much pain, but I did sneeze twice today and I assume I now know what it's like to be stabbed... The lovely nurse at the surgery said sometimes girls around 3 weeks will notice a lot of swelling after doing too much, has anyone else noticed swelling at the day five mark? I feel like a babushka doll..
  5. One sleep!!! I have packed, 5 pairs of big undies, and 5 singlets... That's it... I actually can't think of anything else to pack! Help!! Furthermore, I'd like to post some photos, but I'm not sure how to?
  6. Mumo5, I will also keep you updated, I am sure this is going to work..
  7. Good gravy Bussogirl! Your boobs are amazing! My procedure is on Monday, I have so many people saying, why are you do that, you look fantastic! I'm sure you hear that too?! Lots of babies and I am desperate for my tummy to match the rest of my bod. Good luck on Tuesday, I am approaching the surgery how I approach most things, completely unprepared but enthusiastic as possible!
  8. Thank you, I have filled out the survey, and as a side issue, I did complete the urodynamic testing... That was awful... That's where I found out my incontinence is 'not too bad', I am really hanging my hat on this procedure giving me some relief, it certainly makes sense that it will!
  9. I am booked in for my TT in 7 sleeps, I have had 5 pregnancies, the last of which ended at 17 weeks, although I looked 6 months.. Ever since, for the last 12 months, I have had stress incontinence. I have had a number of tests, there seems to be 'no problems', has anyone noticed an improvement in this area post TT? I have done some reading that there may be a link between TT and incontinence improvement. I am 38, I had my babies at 18, 19, 21, 35 and a late-ish miscarriage at 36, I am 179cm, 71kg and fit but my stomach doesn't match the rest of me, I have separated abdominals, an umbilical hernia and revolting saggy skin.. I have recently said to my very supportive husband, what part of my body am I going to look at when I no longer have to look at my stomach????? Looking forward to hearing positive replies!! Fingers crossed...
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