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  1. Yeah, i guess it's a risk for everyone that goes under twilight anyways. But She pretty much felt the whole thing, crying and all and he told her to just toughen up =( I haven't seen her since the surgery, but she said they do look good
  2. Him in general is is fine, It's his actual work..Lets just say my friend wasn't properly sedated.....=(
  3. Hi ladies!!! thank you all so much for your recommendations. I'm actually a post op patient of Dr Harwoods, I've decided to not go through him this time as i got the vibe of him that he didn't want to operate on me again....I've had a consult with Dr Szalay - All was fine until one of my close friends went through with him and had a really bad experience with him..Not going to go into details but it's definitely made me abit scared. I'm currently 220cc moderate and planning on getting 270cc or 315cc high profiles. Will give Dr Stradwick a try, thank you bozogirl23
  4. Hi ladies, I'm currently looking for surgeons who do BA's for under $10k in either Brisbane or Gold Coast. Please feel free to share your experiences with your recommended surgeon aswell xxx
  5. Hi ladies, thank you for all your inputs, can i just say that i'm not locking myself in for just 50ml - i just said i would have to go up minimum 50ml in order for me to get a revision.. I'm only 5'0, 49kg and the reason why im not looking at anything over 150ml more is because i have not told my family about this breast augmentation and nor am i going to tell them about this next one. When i hit my 6months mark i was in my crop top most of the time and no one even noticed that my boobs had gotten alittle bit bigger - so that's just given me that little bit of confidence to just go up a bit, hence also why i'm not looking at a massive change =). Honestly appreciate everyones comments though. xxx
  6. 50cc is the minimum id have to get to be able to get a revision apparently. Because I'm pretty petite the 220cc gave me a bit of mileage so the 270 will give me more than enough. I love the shape I have at the moment I just want them to be abit more bigger. I had my surgery may 2012..I've lost abit of umph after the swelling and fluffing went down so the 220s now more looks like 180 or something
  7. Thanks Hun. I'll look into Dr Szalay. Did you go through him? If not do you any ladies that did?
  8. Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone could please recommend any surgeons in brisbane/gold coast that are under the $10k mark for a revision please. I originally had my 1st implants put in by Dr Harwood, and i have decided not to go to him for my revision this time round because i feel he's not listening to what i want, and has pretty much said he is not comfortable with operating on me again..which i find really weird because the implants i had/have in mind are only 50ml more than what i have now. Any inputs would be much appreciated =)
  9. friend request sent babe. if my boobs look like your avatar id be sooo happy!
  10. Hey babe!!! how are you? how are your girls? i''m just worried he's going to think the 275mods will look silly aswell!!! agh im soooo confused - prettty sure my boyfriends doesnt want to talk to me anymore because all i'm talking about is sizes lol. As much as id love to have highs, yes im worried that they will look a bit 'fake' ..it's only 50ml difference to what i have now.. hopefully by November as i'm going away in feb and then again in july so want them to be settle prior to all that =)
  11. Hi babe!! thanks for the comment! really did help. Okay, so i'll most likely be going over the muscle again, i think my surgeon said if i went any bigger than 270 then i would have to consider going under. My BWD is 11.5/4.5 mind you this was pre-op.. i'm not to sure what i wold be now with my 220s in. theres pro's and con's for both Hi and Moderate.. i like the shape i have now i just want more cc's..but then i like the Hi's because i want that little bit more on the upper pole side.. so for the 270Hi stats are width-11.1, height - 11.1, projection - 5.4 275moderate width - 11.7, height - 11.7, projection - 4.8 220moderate - current width - 10.8, height - 10.8, projection - 6.3
  12. WEE HI LADIES!!! Seems like forever since i've been on here =) So i was just wanting some honest and hopefully useful help before i can go ahead and email my surgeon. I've currently got 220cc moderate profile over the muscle, and i'm measuring at 10Cish..depending on the bra sometimes a B. Wanting to be a small D I've decided that i want to go for a revision as i want to go a little bigger, but still not overly to big reason being is that no one in my family knows i have implants and still don't want them to know..however i have been walking around the house with a crop top on and no one has noticed so it's given me that little bit of umph that i could possibly go bigger. i'm 5'0, 50kg. I spoke to my surgeon at my 6 months review to see my chances of going bigger and what possible size i could go to.. 270 cc high profile was suggested or 315 (thinking no to 315 as they will look massive on my small frame) in order for me to be able to have the surgery i need to go up atleast 50ml to make it beneficial. I emailed my surgeon a month ago and he then said that 270hi will most likely make my body look out of proportion..which left me thinking that i had no choice but to keep what i have...2months on and i'm still thinking about it and my photo example folder is getting more fuller as the days go by.. i've added the 50ml of rice to see the difference and they look fine =\ Soo... my question is ideally if this was you.. would you still go the 270HI or consider 275moderate (i originally had 275moderate and 245moderate ordered in for my first BA but decided not to have them because 1) didnt want family to know 2) was freakkkking out majorly!!!!) If theres any ladies who have a BA with 270, 275 or 250 implants please let me know so i can check out your photos.
  13. Hi Pamela, I have no regrets with my breast implants etc. I just want to go a little bigger + more projection. I went with 220cc moderate profile, anatomical implants, over the muscle. I went for a very size size reason being because i wasn't telling my family and didn't want them to be to noticeable. i was measured up for 245cc but changed my mind as i was scared. I will be going for 270cc high profile anatomical if i get a revision.
  14. YAY today is officially 1 year since i got my girls. Cannot thank Dr Harwood enough for this great work - Although i am possibly gong for a revision i will defiantly be going through Dr H again. Love my boobs just wanting a little more projection. Would love to hear about other girls stories on their 1year anniversary and how they feel to this day/progress etc
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