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    Breast Augmenation
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    Dr Harwood Thursday 10th 2012

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  1. I never noticed a little fold on yours. Your boobs look great! Um yes I am happy with the decision on size, I think if I had of gone any smaller it probably wouldnt have been enough to fill out my old "pancakes" lol. I must admit though, sometimes I think they are a little too big. You know those singlet tops where they are kind of bunched/pleated along the neckline? I have a few of those and they make my boobs look waaay too big. Yeah just stuff like that really. I havent been wearing alot of my old clothes becoz the wirefree seamfree ones I have at the moment show my nipples in just about everything! - NOT a good look (well it is, but not just being at the shops and stuff...haha) Im gonna go and get one of those tshirt bras from bras n things next week so hopefully then Ill be able to wear more. I know you havent been happy with your size but honestly, your boobs are FABULOUS!!!!!! xo