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  1. I'm booked with dr lee TCI for the 3rd feb, can't wait, although I have a sinus infection/ cold at the moment so hoping it's gone by the end of the week at least. I have to fly from perth to syd too. What accom did you book?
  2. I was asking the same from elsewhere too. Didn't think about pj tops! Thanks heaps!
  3. Thanks novboobs2014, which cream are you using? There so many out there!
  4. Hey jast wondering if any others have used coconut oil to moisturise leadin up to ba to help try prevent stretch marks? Any other suggestions out there? Tia
  5. What's your address? I can try, it does have to go through admin though first
  6. Hi Bgirl I'm booked just after on the 3rd feb with dr lee!
  7. Yay congrats Roza! Once it's booked it feels scary! I still can't believe I will have books so soooon. I'm looking at booking into the quest too, it's super close and quite cheap too.
  8. Oh wow DanniP, go you! I think I will take a pic of this too so i can prepare over the coming months. Eek might have to star buying bits every time I go shopping...heheh
  9. That's sooo exciting. Will be thing of you. Thanks for the chest advice, I am focusing on tummy, butt and thighs, my problem areas. If only the fat would shift to my bosons, wouldn't need a BA, heheh. An some arms too, the have gotten fatter since becoming a mummy, grrrr Yeah I don't think I will now I'm booked, I'll just have to trust Dr Lee opinion. This is what they specialise in after all.
  10. It's going to take forever, but I'm going to try get fitter and toned up before then, eating a roast chicken and mayo bun while typing doesn't help though, hehe
  11. Well I'm booked in deposit paid, eek soo scary!
  12. All the best echo2k3, can't wait to hear
  13. Hi I'm booking I to TCI for a back to back BA, can anyone tell me what post op meds are prescribed, trying o work out when to fly home, what sort of pain I may be in. I will be taking them regularly as don't believe in suffering Lin pain if don't need too, heheh, in otherworldly I'm thinking this is going to be painful post op! Thanks
  14. Hmm I'll check for the cream, as I want to start ASAP. Can't do any harm, heheh, prevention is good I think. I do have coconut oil maybe I should use that from now and then seen what happens. Might try the tablet too. Yes pretty sure unders , can't imagine overs would be suggested. I tried some sizers after doing rough own measure of bw, it seemed weird at first but then second go looked good. Zogee my youngest is 2.5 and loves to be cuddled and carried too, it's going to be hard. Might use the sore back excuse too. Your stats are similar to mine too, have you seen anyone in perth? I was considering going somewhere for a consult to get an idea on what I might be up for ....anyone else thought about doing that?
  15. Also will have to get on to the cream, where did you buy it from again DanniP ?
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