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    Dr Duong 9/10/14
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  1. Wow girls I only paid $6000 right here in Parramatta TCI, lots of us on this forum have been there or at Bondi and we all absolutely love them
  2. I was terrified I was going to be too big, but the ps do this every day. They can see your body shape and measurements and know what will give you the result your after. I drove my husband crazy, but I trusted the doctor and I'm so glad I did. Remember with the sizers they will be slightly bigger because you loose some of the size when the implant goes under the muscle. I have 365/385 and im still wearing a size 10 shirt.
  3. I had bruising half way around to my back and my lefty still has dark red / purple underneath quite similar to you. I had my post op check up on Friday day 8 and the nurse was really happy, she said I'm healing really well. I think as Vivian said keep an eye on it to make sure its not getting worse. Does panadol affect you with the migraines. I found taking panadol every 4 to six hours, definitely kept the pain away
  4. It's not quite the same, but I had a massive heamatoma down stairs after when I had my last baby. They actually had to take me back to surgery to stitch it to stop the bleeding. They are caused by bleeding. The best thing is yours stopped itself so i guess they just want to make sure it doesn't keep bleeding. Once the bleeding stopped it's just a huge and painful bruise that takes ages to go. Good luck I hope everything is ok. Remember to not over do it.
  5. Haha ex- minititty your hilarious. Im glad you guys mentioned it. I thought it was normal but so glad it won't last.
  6. Hi becca. I think the endone made me sick and the 1 1/2 hour car trip home, but it wasnt to bad. Just eat plain food like toast or crackers and make sure you eat something before you take the pain meds. I would say its more the pressure on your chest thats uncomfortable. Taking the panadine forte or nurophen regularly really helps. I have to admit im technologically challenged so I will try to put some photos on my profile and I think you can see them if you accept the freind request I sent you. Let me know if im wrong.
  7. Hi Becca don't worry you won't feel a thing. I arrived at 12 everything went so quickly one minute i was on the table then i was in recovery (just felt pressure on my chest)after a lolipop and some crackers I was on my way home at 4.30 the nurses are lovely. Get that hot water bottle for your back though. after all that worry about size we went with one of each haha 365/385 Dr Duong knows his stuff. Good luck
  8. Wow kiwiboobs, that sounds exhausting for day 2. I'm day 1 and glad to have the first night over,my chest was just tight and a bit of pressure but between my shoulder blades was like a knife. Thank goodness that's gone. I still can't beleive how quick it was. Lindseytam don't worry its a very emotional journey. I was asking myself the same question. I think it just nerves and im so glad I did it. I did it just for me and my family couldnt be more supportive. I wish you all the best
  9. Hi I'm having my ba tomorrow with Dr Duong so I'll let you know. I'm getting a bit nervous now. Still worried about the whole size thing. My husband just doesn't get it.. just get the big ones he says. I think its 365 textured mod profile unders for me. I am also a little worried about pain management, mostly getting home and the first night. Love to hear any tips. I will post some before and after photos when I work out how the friend thing works.xx
  10. Wow they look great. I have my BA with Dr Duong in 2 sleeps. Im getting nervous, mostly worry about the size. Can I ask how tall you are and what you weigh. Ive been advised I can go 385 or 365. Im 158cm tall and 58kg after 5 kids im a 10b want to be 10d /dd. Im really worried ill be too big. How do feel with that size, are they comfortable, does side boob feel strange in clothes. Thank you all for your posts, its only reading this forum that has given me the courage to go through with it.
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