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  1. i just booked in today! im from perth, 5th dec with Dr Niro my initial photos were assessed by Dr Tang as borderline, but my gf just came back with hers she was borderline and i much prefer the look as opposed to a lift!! when i called up to book the receptionist said dr tang is booked out til end of jan but she got me in with dr Niro, she said he is happy to go on the larger side (im hoping for 560cc dual plane like my gf) so my consult is 4th dec and surgery on 5th!! cant wait wish it were sooner!!
  2. i doubt youll get in for then hun, i booked and paid deposit today, she said theyre booked out til end of jan
  3. oh and i put up pics so if anyone has advice pls have a scuzz
  4. Awesome thanks girls!! I want as big as theyre willing to give me! i have very broad shoulders/chest and even when i was a large D cup they looked too small for my frame. Im a skimpy and i knew they were smaller but it wasnt til i saw a photo that was taken at a skimpy job that i realised how terrible they look, im too embarassed to book any work til i get them done! I am literally calling now to book! wish me luck...
  5. Hi girlies, I am wanting to book in with TCI and sent off my photos, they've said I'm borderline with sub optimal results, but Dr Tang is willing to go ahead.. Bit of back story, had my daughter in 2009, for last 10 years I've sat around 60-65kg (I'm 165cm so about a size 12) Last yr I got comfy in a relationship and went up to 74kg, I was a 14D This year I've lost over 20kg (down to 52kg size 10) but now a deflated 14B (I have very broad chest/shoulders) Can't work out how to post photos from my phone, but have added a few ladies so I can see some results I don't want them to look like bolt-ons, I much prefer a softer look with a bit of hang, but I'm hoping for as big as possible, my gf was told borderline too and just came back with 560cc dual planes an they look amazing! Are they more expensive than thier $5990 package? I'm concerned that I will fly over from Perth for a consult and be turned back!! if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be stoked!
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