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    Had a breast reduction 2002 and now a Tummy tuck 2012
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    Nicholas Marshall 10/5/12
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    60kg. 160cm tall

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  1. How are you going with the tummy muscle pain? Any improvement?

  2. Hi NB, thanks 4 acceptingy my FR. Had a quick look at your before pics ( I'm on my phone ATM, ) but wow it was like looking at myself. Your results are fantastic! I can't wait to have my TT. I'm Sooooo excited. Wish it was tomorrow lol.

  3. Hi, your tummy looks like mine did. Not long to wait now :)

  4. Haha, I was full of good intentions, but the day got away from me... Ive been helping my boyfriend erect a new roller door, so ive been using muscles I didnt know I had!! probably the best exercise
  5. Im still struggling to lose weight Im between 48-50kg and no matter what I do I cant lose any so Im thinking I will lose the weight once its cut out lol Im still exercising 5-6 times a week and I eat very healthy I cant do more than that :) Way to go girl you feel like exercising thats fantastic... hows your scar? and I know this might sound silly but how do your insides feel... tight?

  6. Hi Heather, sounds like your going to have a great recovery, but take it easy even though your body may be telling you its ok. Us girls are hopeless at resting up and letting others take over for a while - but make the most of it. Im 4 months in and couldnt be happier, ive sent you a friend request so you can see my photos. take care
  7. Hi Julie Ann, thanks, yes im happy. Decided to make an effort to do some ab excersises... been avoiding it cos im still sore - but I think its time :) hows your weight loss going, are you where you want to be yet?

  8. Hi miz lisa, yes we are allowed to do ab excersises - I was encouraged to do them after about week 3 but I decided not to as I still had an area that wasnt healed properly. They said usually by week 6 you should be back to normal - but Ive never had very good abs anyway. Ive been jogging with my dog, and I can feel that tension afterwards. Ive never been able to do sit ups on the floor either so thats why ive just bought a fit ball. Still waiting to blow that up haha, but the intention is there. Been busy recently so timing isnt very good, note to self - MAKE TIME Lets start doing abs together - we'll start on Thursday.... let me know how you go
  9. Im hanging in there still waiting for my turn to come its nearly been 20 months! How are you I bet you are so happy :)

  10. My abs are still sore after 4 months when I cough and sneeze, Mousey has suggested I call my PS which I will tomorrow. I am sooo over the pain bought a fit ball the other day to do some ab excersises with - havent blown it up yet haha but I never could do sit ups on the floor before and thought this may be a better option to get my tum working
  11. Hi again, I did think I should be pain free by now... I will ring tomorrow and make an appointment. I ve just posted my 4 month pics. You can see my scar isnt hidden by my knickers, but I dont care, im still happy with it , is a great improvement from my pre op look :) Ill let you know how I get on..

  12. All the best Heather, It will be worth the wait Newbeginnings
  13. I just looked at your dates, and you had your surgery before me ( I forgot!) Your abs are still sore?! Almost 4 months post op!? That's crazy! Have you spoken to your surgeon about it?

  14. Hi! No abs aren't sore anymore, I'm over 3 months post op now, they were sore ( especially at the top under my ribcage for about 6 weeks tho! I'm really happy with how low Dr P got my scar, I barely ever see it or look at it now, it's still there obviously but it's always covered in knickers. I think it depends on what the Dr had to work with, I was just lucky I guess, and going with Dr Preeyaphas helped of course!

  15. Hi Mousey, youre pics look great. I think my scar must be quite high as it isnt covered by my knickers, or the bikinis I already have! Looks like ill have to buy higher cut ones! My abs are still sore too, are yours?

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