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    Had a breast reduction 2002 and now a Tummy tuck 2012
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    Nicholas Marshall 10/5/12
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    60kg. 160cm tall

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  1. Haha, I was full of good intentions, but the day got away from me... Ive been helping my boyfriend erect a new roller door, so ive been using muscles I didnt know I had!! probably the best exercise
  2. Hi Heather, sounds like your going to have a great recovery, but take it easy even though your body may be telling you its ok. Us girls are hopeless at resting up and letting others take over for a while - but make the most of it. Im 4 months in and couldnt be happier, ive sent you a friend request so you can see my photos. take care
  3. Hi miz lisa, yes we are allowed to do ab excersises - I was encouraged to do them after about week 3 but I decided not to as I still had an area that wasnt healed properly. They said usually by week 6 you should be back to normal - but Ive never had very good abs anyway. Ive been jogging with my dog, and I can feel that tension afterwards. Ive never been able to do sit ups on the floor either so thats why ive just bought a fit ball. Still waiting to blow that up haha, but the intention is there. Been busy recently so timing isnt very good, note to self - MAKE TIME Lets start doing abs together - we'll start on Thursday.... let me know how you go
  4. My abs are still sore after 4 months when I cough and sneeze, Mousey has suggested I call my PS which I will tomorrow. I am sooo over the pain bought a fit ball the other day to do some ab excersises with - havent blown it up yet haha but I never could do sit ups on the floor before and thought this may be a better option to get my tum working
  5. All the best Heather, It will be worth the wait Newbeginnings
  6. Hi there, sorry it took a while, 4 weeks in now and pretty much back to normal. still wearing compression garment, still have a small area in the middle not healed properly, taking antibiotics xx
  7. Hi Julie Ann, You're doing great with your weight loss, well done. I feel pretty much back to normal now, can drive and shop woohoo! Still don't carry much though. Tried sleeping without my roll of carpet last night and think I'll keep it on for a while longer, tummy was sore when turning over. Wear it through the day no problem. Was going to try sit-ups today but I'll wait now after last night...
  8. Hi tinkles, The drains don't actually hurt coming out, it's a strange feeling, just uncomfortable. Imagine that from where the drain comes out of the skin, the rest of it is lying across your stomach, so both sides will be the length of your tummy, it's a tugging sensation as the plastic tube slides across the inside of your tummy until it comes out. Panadol won't go amiss it your feeling a little doubtful My mum was shocked by the length of my scar when I emailed her my pics, but luckily my partner is fine with it. My partner though - bless him, is avoiding giving me cuddles etc cos he doesn't want to hurt me.... Does anyone have advice on sex after a TT?! We have a great sex life but when it comes close to orgasm I have to stop cos it hurts my abs too much!!
  9. Hi tinkles, The worst is over, once you see the results your head space changes from "what the heck have I done - to cool, look at that"! And all your positive thoughts then help you recover. How's things now? I'll be 4weeks on thurs so I'll take and post some more pics. Take care x
  10. Hi there, I'm doing great, had a check up last Monday as the middle of my scar was sore and red, there was a stitch there that was aggravating the healing process so that was snipped. Also my PS said I can start doing some exercises! He wants me to start pulling my belly button in as far as I can every hour, whether I'm sitting, standing or lying down, to get my abs working again. That was really hard to start with, they were very stiff, but ok now - don't remember every hour though think that's a little unachievable!!! From this week I can start doing sit ups so when I get to 6 weeks I'll be back to normal! Sounds good in theory haha have never been good at sit-ups. I'm 4 weeks on Thursday so will take some more pics
  11. Hi miz Lisa, Congratulations, so glad your happy and you didn't need the vertical incision. My back hurt for the 3 days I was bent over, can't imagine doing that for 3 weeks, but I guess if your results depend on it you've got to do it. Great that your not in any pain too. My son has been off school all week with a cold, he's coughing and I've banished him to his room cos I don't want to get it - awe poor kid Be patient look forward to your pics x
  12. Hi mousey77, Sounds like you're on holiday, not that you've just had surgery! Your surgeon sounds very keen to please -not sure you would have got all that back home, good for you for asking for exactly what you wanted. I asked for a low scar and I have got one any further down and it would be in my hip, pubic crease, probably not good for healing, but I wear small g's that don't come up very far to cover the scar, not to worry, cos I got what I asked for too. Been feeling a bit bloated and concerned I may be putting on weight since my activity level has gone from super mum to couch potato - pushed myself to get on the scales this morning in order to curb my eating if that's what is required - but surprisingly I have lost 4kg's! That in it's self is concerning too so I'll have to keep a watchful eye on that. Tried driving over the weekend and all good - so met a friend for coffee today and had a little shopping time - bought a pair of boots (3" heels!)oops but they look ssssoooooo goooooood, bring on those sexy clothes )))))
  13. Hi mousey 77, So glad the worst is over, just take it easy now and rest up, you had twice removed what I did, 580g of "meat" I had removed -I was going to say lost - but I didn't lose it -that implies I want it back hahaha, sorry don't laugh! Positive thoughts coming your way x take care
  14. Hi girls, Day 14 yesterday and took another side and front pic, have uploaded them and re uploaded my other post op pics with the advise of Chacha, thank you getting less itchy now which is great, I have my jeans on today, fed up of wearing tracky pants - not very glam haha. still darent cough of sneeze, but other than that i feel great xx
  15. Hi mousey77, I'm so excited for you From others posting on here, he seems likes very good choice of surgeon. Nerves are good, but just concentrate on how good you are going to look even before your journey home. Good that you have everything booked early into the trip - less chance of eating something that doesn't agree with you, the last thing you need is to have to go to the loo more than you need too! Don't run around too much today, don't stress about things you don't get time to do, I'm sure your hubby will cope. My partner took me out for dinner the night before, just the two of us, and we had a lovely relaxed evening, that would otherwise have been me packing, unpacking and repacking a bag, stressing over things I should be doing I'll be thinking of you, what's the time difference at the moment for hong kong? X
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