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  1. Hey, congrats on booking.. im work admin tho very fast paced work.. i went back after 5 days and it was definitely to early.. driving still hurt until at lease 8 days or so post op.. and i had to get the other ladies at work to help me lift and hole punch alot of stuff ect.. But at 2 weeks i was generally back to normal with driving ect.. a little careful with lifting and such but you should be fine if you look after yourself while you are off.. They gave me a script for constipation meds at TCI but i only used Metimucal tablets and i was fine.. Just very bloated.. Also took a bit for my boobs to actually look bigger.. prob round the 3 weeks mark so be patient with your new boobs.. good luck
  2. I was a 10b 57kg and 152cm.. i got 365 right and 385 left high profile rounds.. now im a 10d/dd depending on the bra.. i have a few pics up if u wanna fr me
  3. I am 3 months post op 57kg 152cm tall.. i was a barley filling a b cup.. i got 365 left 385 right high profile and im a d/dd depending on the bra.. and i love my boobs so much.. they seemed small when i first got out of surgery. but once they started healing and getting softer they got much bigger.. mine are definitely huge compared to what i had but they fit my body great.. Hang in there they still have heaps of healing and fluffing to go... feel free to FR me to see my pics
  4. im high profile but had my crease lowered a bit.. FR me if you like
  5. I think we all end up loving our doctors.. i had Dr Tang 3 Months ago and could not fault him at all.. love my boobs
  6. yea i first thought mine didnt look that big.. but last few days they have started sitting in the bottom of the post op bra not up on my chest and they are looking heaps better..
  7. Hey DanniP, How exciting that you got your new boobs, with mine i knew they were a little different in size so i was happy to have that little bit of difference in the implants.. im going good am 3 weeks post op today so get to take the tape of this arvo in the shower.. my right has dropped a little so sitting a bit lower than my left now.. not a whole bunch of difference but mu boyfriend noticed the other day.. its sitting more normal now and not in my armpits.. Also last night was the first night i could sleep on my side a bit without it feeling like i was squishing my boobs which was great.. so excited to hear how you go too, wait till they start feeling like boobs and not heavy weird things on your chest lol.. ill put up pics soon.. i keep forgetting.
  8. i plan on starting my jogging again next week as ill be 3 weeks post op.. was thinking of wearing my post op bra and then putting a sports bra over the top.. extra protection from bounce at my earlie stage..
  9. HI Brooke2927, just accepted, i havnt put pics up but i will, i went with 365 and 385 hp.. healing real great... looking d-d/d
  10. hi Roza yes i have been planning on putting up some pics i will tonight
  11. IM 10 DAYS POST OF WITH DR TANG, and i love my boobs.. i havnt put any pics up tho but i will tonight
  12. im 10 days post op was with Dr Tang and i love my boobs
  13. Hi Rachel, im 10 days post op and i was with TCI Dr Tang, they were amazing and i love my new boobs already definitely something to look into..
  14. haha no GlitterGal it made a Huge difference to my sleep as i have found my back and shoulders have been much more painful than my actual boobs lol..
  15. hey girls great to see so many good storys so far this month im 1 week post op today and feeling great.. had my 1 week app yesterday to change dressings and all going well. Finally starting to feel like my boobs and not huge rocks on my chest.. only thing i had was a sore back from sleeping upright.. I cant remember who advised to sleep will pillow under knees to help with that but ur amazing i slept so much better like that.. yay for boobs..
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