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    Just recently had my mirena of 5 years replaced with a new one. Only because in Australia after 5 years it needs to be replaced. My doc told me in the states it's 8 years which may one day be the case in oz. spotting for a day or so after inserted both times, no side effects & no periods for over 5 years. After reading this I'm very grateful that it's working for me. I feel for you girls.
  2. Hi, I had my done with dr Nguyen on 3 November and had many sleepless night over what size to chose. I'm 161cm tall weigh around 53 kg. but I am broad backed so I initially was a 10-12b to c depending on the bra. (mainly side boob I think that I could tuck in). My options were 360cc moderate or 415 high. Under the muscle was what I wanted which I had a bit of. Not really obvious in the before picture. Anyway I went for the 360 moderate & am soooooooooo glad I didn't go bigger. I think if I had of gone bigger they would have looked really fake. Which is fine if that's the look you like. I wanted a more natural look. I'm still waiting for my right side to drop & settle as it is still more swollen than my left so it is quite a different shape to my left and like most girls I am impatient & a little anxious. But according to other girls on this site it seems quite common. So far one post op appt & it is with the nurse not the surgeon. That who I saw anyway. She said not to worry. They advised me in recovery to expect by breasts to go all kinds of shapes. Week one appt and I was told I could wear a normal non underwire bra. So I went brought a new bra and am now full D cup. They match my size body perfectly and I don't look out of proportion. Having said that I put a bikini top on and wow..they are out there. Happy but will be happier when they are the same shape. I have pics in my gallery if you would like to look. Good luck
  3. I get you. I'm only 2 weeks. One looks great with perfect side boob the other is high & flat on the side. Very anxious. Hate to go from deflated breasts to having noticeably uneven breasts. Praying it settles.
  4. So today (3rd November) at 12 pm I had my BA at TCI with Dr Nguyen at Parramatta. I'm 42, 161cm tall, 53kgs & train pretty hard 2-3 times a weeks so I'm fairly fit & trim. 3 kids aged 14, 12 & 9. My friends all told me I didn't need a BA as they thought that my breast were fine. I have quite a broad back so my original bra size was a 10c or 12b. Some might say no .a bad size for my frame but they were a little to deflated at the top which was what I disliked the most. The pics show this, (which I sent to my friends for a giggle who have been so excited & supportive for me)..Choosing a size is quite technical as basically is comes down to your measurements & also what you currently have. Dr Nguyen asked me what I wanted. Straight up the word natural came out. Dr Nguyen suggested 360cc moderate. Tried them on. Looked great. Out of curiosity I asked to try the next size up, which for me was 415cc highs. Sounds like a big jump but from what I can work out the implant size in the high had to fit my diameter. Both looked great front on but when I turned side ways I went 'oh, there big'. Instantly, Dr Nguyen said, based on your reaction i think the 360 is more you if you want that natural look. We both kept an open mind. After many sleepless night & talking to other girls I settled on the 360cc, under muscle of course. Surgery was a piece of cake. Little discomfort straight after but it's now been a mere 10 hours and I have zero pain. Most likely the pain killers I am taking which is Endone (codeine give me stomach cramps), even so I expected pain even after taking them. Dr Nguyen was very professional as were all the staff so so far a fantastic experience. Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out but right now I'm on cloud nine..my sister & girlfriend are now booking in to get theirs done. Anyway, long post I know but this site has helped me in so many ways so I'd thought I'd share my experience. I'll post pics to you can see my progress.
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