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  1. I am so excited and have seen soooo many wonderful results so it makes me want to get it done asap.. lol 6 weeks and counting. I am travelling alone and will be there from 30th April til 14th May...
  2. 1st May in Bangkok with Dr Pornthep.. bl & tt
  3. Hi I am in bangkok from the 30th April til 14th may... going to Bangpakok 9 International hospital.. then staying at Aesta ... having a tt & bl
  4. i am having my tummy tuck & breast lift 1st May in Bangkok with Dr Pornthep
  5. Good luck, you will be ok and look amazing after. Heres to a speedy recovery
  6. Great news... i am booked with him on the 1st May... what are you getting done?
  7. Thanks for sharing i just put my deposit for a tt & bl with Dr Pornthep so this write up is just what i needed to calm my nerves...
  8. Hi, I am travelling to Bangkok on the 21st April for a tt & bl with Dr Pornthep. Is anyone else travelling then too? Hospital will be bangpakok 9 International Hospital? Thanks
  9. thanks quin i just read your story.. great write up! your experience sounds great!
  10. Hi I am flying out 21st April for tummy tuck & breast lift with Dr Pornthep (cosmeditours) and I wanted to hear from ladies who have used him ... good or bad. Thank you
  11. Hi, I am looking at travelling in April to get my tt done in bangkok or phuket but cant seem to pick the best surgeon. I have been doing lots of research and have confused myself by reading too much. Can anyone please give me their opinions please or who you used? Many thanks
  12. hayleywarell can I ask what facebook forum?
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