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  1. Hi mixsi! I just booked my opp for April through CosMediTour. I think they are good. They have good deals and add extra cover say if you need to fly back and have the revised, they can cover all expenses with premium cover. Check out their site, they have testimonials and so much info. Do lots of research tho. Procedure is around $3700 AUD depending on whether u go to phuket, Bangkok or implant size etc. Happy researching!
  2. I cant imagine how hard it would be tho needing for feeling like you should keep it from your mum/family? I was thinking about not telling her but I think i kinda knew she would be ok with it so i just did it and im glad i did because now i dont have to worry about whether to tell her or not. Hopefully you have some other lady friends close to you that you can tell and share your excitement with. I mean its great the my BF is fine with it but hes not exactly the type to get excited about it so really glad i have my sister and mum to share this with. Good luck tho I hope you don't get any grief from family especially. Xx
  3. Thanks so much for this I am considering him and have been struggling to find info on all Bangkok international plastic surgeons. Thanks heaps!
  4. Just told my mum! She was fine with it. I was kinda surprised, I thought she would tell me 'god made u that way...' Blah blah.. But she was totally cool with it and sounded happy for me. She said its just tattoos she can't stand... Lol What a relief.
  5. Thanks for all your responses, nice to know most are supportive. Im sure my mum will be, its just getting to the point of telling her. like how the heck do i bring it up lol. maybe il just email her..
  6. Awesome!I will check out more of his work. Thanks for all the info!
  7. Hello Ladies and Gents! Just wondering about those lovely ladies who have had Breast Augmentation or men who knew a friend/family member who got a BA?, how your family and friends reacted to the procedure, particularly those with a more conservative background? I am yet to tell my mum, who I am afraid might be rather against the whole thing (not that it matters, its happening anyway). I would like to tell her before I go, she would hate being left out. (besides telling her would be telling the whole family in once go haha! ) My sister knows and she was a bit reserved but understood where Im coming from, we are very close. Did you tell family before the procedure? or let them figure it out for themselves ? Realy just curious to know your stories. Thanks!
  8. A conversation about BA came up a week ago with some guys from work before and I honestly don't think they really know, like as soon as the topic came up they said I would prefer natural small boobs over fake ones... Im happy to hear their opinions but the way they said it was like women only get it to please men? therefor his opinion was so crucial.. um... its not about the men! its about the girl wanting to love her boobies and make her body feel more proportioned. Some guys assume we do this to please the men in this world.. maybe some of us do but i sure hope its more about their own confidence. For me its about filling them out, they are an odd shape and I feel like seriously got ripped off.. My BF couldn't care less, he has noticed I'm not very confident about my body so he has been supportive. There are good men out there!
  9. Hi Candice88, I am currently getting my treatments from Ozskin ( http://www.ozskin.com/procedures/non-surgical/laser-hair-removal.htm ) they are amazing! and so affordable. They had a special on for bikini/brazilian and underarm for only $49 a treatment for six (its 25% more expensive to buy individually) I would definitely encourage you to book all six as its cheaper and then you get each session booked when your hair cycle is ready for the next treatment. If you stop start you may end up needing more treatments so its worth it to pay upfront and have it taken care of. The service is amazing too, they always do a confirmation call a day before incase you forget so you have time to shave. The pain was really not that bad for me, the first is probably a little 'bitey' but not exactly painful. However I had my first treatment on my legs 2 weeks ago and it was quite a bit more sharp, I think it really depends on how thick and dark you hair is but it means its working. For example theres barely any pain where there is little hair.. In any case its nothing compared to waxing.. Best money I ever spent! The results so far are incredible, I have only had 3 treatments on my underarms and bikini/brazilian and I dont need to shave anymore, I just shave the day before treatment to get those finer and stubborn hairs. No more ingrown hairs! I would definitely call them and ask about specials tho, when I went to add the leg treatments they gave me 60% off!!! so ask for specials! I think they have more specials in winter which is when I started my treatment. Good luck!!
  10. Thats a huge comfort to hear. I have also chosen Dr Narupon mainly cause i have only heard good things from him and there are a lot more reviews for his work than Dr Thanakom, Im sure they are all fantastic but i think its mainly for my nerves so i don't have doubts before surgery. So far Cosmeditour have been good, my assessment was very very brief, literally one sentence which kinda put me off using Dr Thanakom even more. Im getting back to them next week with a date. Then it will be all booked! Excited. What was your reason for going over muscle? was that a recommendation from the surgeon? Curious to know ur decision. Did they give you much time to try on the sizes? what was that process like? sorry for all the questions
  11. AliciaAU

    My turn!

    Really appreciate the updates! Its nice to hear your story and the details help get a picture of what to expect. keep it up.
  12. Hi missloz, Im about to book with cosmeditour, and was wondering how you found your experience?(so far) which doctor did you go with? Also how is the pain?
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