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  1. I wouldn't call this major surgery... It doesn't even require a general anaesthetic...
  2. I didn't leave the house for a week and drove a short distance on day 8. Day 10 back at work and ok. I needed to look decent for work so got a wash and blowwave on day 9:)
  3. Breast feeding is the best thing for your baby. I would never choose boobs over my child's health! And I think Moderator made a very valid point, chances are that you will need a revision anyway. Once you get a boob job I think you can't expect it to be a one-off operation that you never have to think about again.
  4. Hi ladies, I'm one week post op... will have my bra fitted today (no strapping required so they have been free up until now!). I feel like they're exploding and so sore Haven't been in a car yet and have to be ready to drive and work on Monday. I have training so it won't be physical but need to be switched on mentally (not focusing on my boobs!). Hoping everyone at work isn't focusing on them either!!! I hope the bra covers my highbeams or it's going to be embarrasing, I may use the inserts from a bikini to line my bra and prevent this too... I have some serious bruising from the side of my boob (under my arms) all the way down to my hips. This has been really really challenging, especially because I'm home alone
  5. Thanks girls, I spoke to my nurse who has been really helpful. I have also been quite shaky and apparently it's withdrawal from the endone!!! scary stuff! I have now stopped the mersyndol and am just taking panadol and it's not quite stopping all the pain but what's worrying me the most is a sharp pain under my right arm. It's so sore I can hardly use my arm. It wasn't like this before. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow so hopefully i'll get some answers then. I just need to be ok for work on monday!
  6. wow this is a bit scary, I stopped the endone after a few days but am taking mersyndole which has codeine... I'm keen to get off it because of the bloating and now even more so after reading this thread. I am currently taking two mersyndole night every 6 hours. I will try two panadol and see if that works. The mersyndole isn't stopping all pain. Today it really stings along my ribs under my right arm where I have a lot of bruising coming up. Any advice appreciated.
  7. I definitely look pregnant! I was worried people would notice the boob job but no, they're going to think I am pregnant
  8. Ladies, I'm at day 6 and my stomach is out of control with bloating! I'm taking 2 mersyndol every 6 hours... it hurts it's so stretched and my bellybutton has disappeared (the skin is stretched and there's a thin slit instead!). I've always had a nice flat stomach How long will this last and what can I do to get rid of it? Feeling desperate :'(
  9. Hi ladies, I am not surprised... I had my consult on the 25th Nov on the day I told the receptionists I wanted to book my BA for late dec/early jan they just said no. I was a bit disappointed and upset and then mentioned it to Dr **** and straight away he said he could do it on the 2nd Jan... I don't know if the issue is their system, the receptionists or their communication. I also found two of their receptionists a bit rude but Dr Tan, the Nurse (Doris) and the anaesthetist (Emily) were really lovely and they're the most important people so I don't really care. I would suggest to others that if the receptionists aren't helpful that they persist with Dr ****!
  10. You girls are so lovely. Yes, the pain has been a bit hard for me but the endone and mersyndole helped a lot. Family haven't been involved... Dad called to invite me out for dinner and I suggested the weekend. Back to my boobs though, they look great so far
  11. Hi Ladies, This has been pretty tough. So far the results look great although they're just really tight... Like most pics I've seen on here. Was glad to hear that since my boobs were pretty close together my new ones should be close too
  12. Going in with Dr Fung this afternoon ladies! So nervous I only slept about 3 hours... I was wide awake until 5am! I emptied my bra drawer into a big box last night Told my sister she has a huge box of nice CK bras when she comes back from overseas! So excited I won't need any more padding! I will keep you all updated.
  13. Thanks lovely ladies. Tried to relax today but have been really nervous. Felt really guilty spending time with dad and him not knowing Hope he doesn't hate me after this. Have been blessed with very encouraging and supportive friends (and my sister) though so they have been amazing! They all seem so excited I think they know I've always wanted this and I'm doing it for me. I still have to go to the shops tomorrow and get a few last minute things... I haven't got ice packs yet and will get some soups or something easy like that. I have a smoothie for lunch if I'm at home anyway so that should be easy for the next week or so. Good night and please cross your fingers for me. I hope the pain is minimal and the result is good and I don't have any complications!
  14. Thanks ladies, just jumped online before going to bed Happy new year! xoxo Hope you all had a lovely evening!
  15. Hi Len82, I'm getting 370cc high profile anatomicals on Friday so I'll be posting pics! It all depends on your proportions. I'm pretty tall so Doris told me I could get away with carrying a lot. That wasn't my aim though, I want to look natural and proportionate!
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