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  1. Hi I had twilight no problems don't recall a thing fast asleep
  2. Dr kwok gave me lovely shaped breasts in August extremely happy with my outcome 360 cc moderate profile in between the muscle
  3. Hi I had twilight sedation remember nothing felt nothing and woke up fine. And I was scared of twilight also.
  4. can't believe I didn't get it done before surgery but it wasn't sore then as soon as I got done I've had the worst tooth ache just what I don't need . At least I have lots of pain meds lol will ring Surgeon tomorrow thanks
  5. Yes that's what I will do in the morning see what they say . Thanks
  6. Hi girls does anyone know if you can get a tooth pulled out 2 weeks po in pain yuk
  7. Hi I'm 11 days Po with dr kwok at the parra clinic I'm 43 yrs old and have had consults with plastic surgeons as I have been looking into this for years . I felt very confident going with TCI dr kwok was amazing and the staff .I love my new boobies so far they are looking great very happy. Good luck
  8. Hi Kateee so happy everything went well for you I'm 1 week Po dr kwok and I agree dr Kwok and all the team were fantastic I am so happy with my results . Good luck in your recovery x
  9. How exciting girls I have been waiting for this forever i go and have 1 more consult with dr Kwok on Friday to make sure on size as I am a deflated b cup from breastfeeding four kids sucked the life out of them lol. Will keep you all posted girls? Thanks RH4k on that positive feedback glad to here that
  10. That's great Boobarella congrats what size did you go I'm still deciding on 330cc moderate s he wants me to go 360 cc but scared of size don't want big ?
  11. so excited my surgery is next Saturday 22 August yay dr Kwok parramatta clinic. Love this forum
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