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  1. I've had a follow up appointment and pretty much like Donatella said my PS told me that because I was completely flat and tight skinned that it will take much longer for mine to settle and drop and fluff. If I had 'deflated' breasts it would have been different as the skin would have been there, but I had nothing and my skin was super tight to my chest. I said how disappointed I was with the size - I'm coming up to 4 weeks post op and nobody has yet noticed I've had it done -even when wearing tight and low cut clothes! My PS said that on his website the blank palette before and afters are taken at 6 months and the girls who had some breast tissue have their before and afters at 8 weeks. It will take up to 6 months for my full results. He also said that he couldn't have fit more than 330cc without me getting rippling or stretch marks and the implant looking really really fake. I'm still disappointed as they feel small and also are still tight and hard, but I'm hoping that in time they will start to look good
  2. I've got the nerve pain too and like you I had no pain killers since day 2. Just about to take some and try and sleep!
  3. Yes that milk feeling, I remember a few nights after my first was born thinking they would actually explode! I also had shingles at Xmas and it feels just like that, horrid painful and tingly. I spoke to the nurse at my PS office and she said to touch them as the more I do this it will help but jeeeeeeez, even a bra is too much, I'm still wearing the surgical one as the tshirt bra she said I could wear brushed against me too much. Can't wait for it to subside. Plus side.... they are starting to drop a little and also fill out more!
  4. So the feeling I've got 2 weeks post op, is like the feeling I had when my milk came in after I gave birth. Hard, engorged, alien and just uncomfortable. When does it start to feel just normal! Or will I always feel something strange?!
  5. So the feeling I've got 2 weeks post op, is like the feeling I had when my milk came in after I gave birth. Hard, engorged, alien and just uncomfortable. When does it start to feel just normal! Or will I always feel something strange?!
  6. I only had one consult. Before I found this forum I didn't know that people often saw a few different surgeons...lol. I had 2 friends with great results so went with the same PS. I'm happy with the shape but not yet happy with size - only 2 weeks post op. So perhaps if I had seen more than one, I would have had other size considerations
  7. I'm also super bony, I am 162cm and 51kgs but really broad shoulders....Dr M said I was like a square, lol! I think with being so tight across my chest it may take longer for them to drop. He tried 2 sizes on me during surgery and went with the bigger, I felt totally trusting with his judgement as all his work I've seen looks amazing. Good luck with your BA
  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice, what an amazing forum this is! I've been looking at everyone's pics.....wow it is so amazing how much they change. I'm feeling far more hopeful now that I won't end up with teeny weeny ones. Also every photo of Dr M's work I've ever seen has looked amazing so I trust that mine will too when they settle. Did anyone have uneven swelling or one looking a different size for a while? I didn't have an aysmmetry, I was evenly completely flat on both sides - ha ha! But now my right breast is much bigger than the left and not as square, it actually looks a lot better than the left in size and shape, but the left is quite a lot smaller. In between my breasts is still super swollen as I think with such a skinny and flat chest the skin hasn't yet stretched but it is going down each day. I will take some pics and create a gallery soon
  9. Thanks everyone. When I say I left it to the surgeon what I meant is, I was specific about the look I wanted but I didn't know what size would achieve that look. He suggested 2 sizes and went with the larger on the day. As I was so small he was concerned a bigger size would be very tight in my skinny chest and he knew I wanted a natural but full look. I was just so shocked when I got home to see how small they looked compared to the sizers in the consult. I am hoping that as donatella says- they will get bigger! Thanks again for all your advice if it doesn't turn out that way, in your experience would I have to pay full for a revision?
  10. Thank you! Thank you! I've gone google crazy today and everything I read said they would get smaller and I was freaking out! Appreciate your response, I will now chill out and stop driving my poor husband crazy! Thanks again
  11. Hi, I had my BA on Tuesday in Sydney. I know it is only a few days post surgery but I am really unhappy with how small they are. I didn't have my heart set on a cup size just a specific look that gave my body the right proportions and shape. I was a 34AA and had 330cc moderate plus mentor teardrop, dual plane - I left it to PS to decide as I don't consider myself an expert in sizes or shapes. I just can't believe how small they look and at the moment feel like it was pointless! I also understand that as all the swelling goes down they will only look smaller. Feeling really upset. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you approach it with your surgeon? eg. If I would like a revision. Thanks Lou
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