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    BA on 27th Nov 2014
    465cc high profile Silimed teardrops above muscle
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  1. Hi, I was a D cup prior to my BA but I had absolutely no cleavage or upper volume & my boobs stuck out to the side. I'm now an E but I personally feel I've gone too big & hate them. I do love the cleavage & fullness but I just think mine are too big for me. Feel free to check out my gallery
  2. Mansoor Mirkazemi @ Collins St Plastic Surgery. He's fantastic! He did mine.
  3. In my experience, they have always felt foreign. Never felt like a part of me. I got furry Brazilian teardrops and they took about 12 months to soften up, but they still feel foreign (especially if I lay down on my side or my tummy). I've had mine for just over 2 years now. Wish I had gone smaller. When it comes time to replace them (8-ish years time) I won't bother, I'll just explant them.
  4. My boobs are definitely bigger & much more softer now than they used to be. (Furry Brazilians take ages to soften up, 12 months or so). They feel as though there is no implant there anymore, they're that soft. I have also put on weight from being pregnant and still need to lose 10 kg. I'm sure my boobs might become a bit saggy as a result & may need a lift eventually. I will see what they look like once I've lost the weight & take it from there. I've put a recent pic up in my gallery of my post pregnancy boobs if you want to compare them to my pre-op ones.
  5. Hi Luckycat, I can totally relate to this!! I had my BA done 2 years ago & have always thought that mine were too big. They make me feel fat & top heavy. Hubby loves them & a close friend of mine (who has also had a BA) thinks they're perfect!! If I knew how I'd end up feeling then I would have never had my BA. Last year I fell pregnant & had bub 3 months prematurely in March this year. My boobs were so huge when my milk came in, OMG!! I've stopped expressing & they have almost returned to their pre pregnancy state. I'm a 14E now and post op I was 12DD. I want to see my surgeon next year to discuss his opinion on whether I need a lift, as well as smaller implant options. I have 465cc furry Brazilian teardrops which my surgeon recommended. He also said anything below 400cc would be too small for me, but I think a 365cc would've been perfect!! Your BA looks fantastic btw! But I totally understand how you're feeling. You are definitely not alone.
  6. I got 465cc and I wish I had gone smaller!! Before I was a small deflated 12d cup with no cleavage & was a 12 DD post BA. I've just had my 2nd baby this year & I'm now a 14 E. I feel so huge
  7. I was same stats as you when I got my BA done 2 years ago, but I got 465cc furry Brazilian teardrop overs. Wish I had gone smaller!! Feel free to FR & check out my pics
  8. It's in my profile under albums- my BA journey.
  9. Yep, got before & after photos in my gallery
  10. I was a deflated D cup with no cleavage beforehand. Post op I was DD. I've just had my 2nd baby & am now an E cup, my boobs feel humongous!! I've got some post op pics if you want to have a look.
  11. Hi, I'm 173cm & was around 68kg when I got mine done. I got 465cc Brazilian teardrops. If I could go back in time I would definitely get the 365 as I think mine are way too big for me They make me feel fat. Wish I had gone smaller.
  12. I was a flat 12 D beforehand but my boobs were out to the side & no fullness, shape or cleavage in the center. Post op I was 12 DD. I am now currently pregnant again & 14 E but they look proportional to my growing belly. Check out my post op pics, hopefully that will help & give you an idea of what to expect (I don't have any recent ones up). X
  13. Hi, I'm 173cm and was 70kg when I got my BA done in Nov 2014. I got 465cc teardrops above muscle. I was always worried they looked too huge but now I'm used to it & love them!
  14. I'm 40 and I still had to pay for mine I think it's free after 50?
  15. I had both mammogram & breast ultrasound pre op. They found 2 breast lumps & an enlarged axillary lymph node. I was so scared! I then had to have a biopsy to make sure it wasn't cancer. Luckily it wasn't malignant. You can ring around to different radiology centres & ask them how much they charge for mammogram as it can vary quite a bit. You don't need to go to the place that is on the request slip. MIA radiology was the most expensive. Capital radiology was cheaper I think, something like $280 but don't quote me as I can't remember the exact prices. My advice is to ring around. Good luck!
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