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    485cc Round, High Profile, Breast Implants
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    Dr Lee 26th June 2015 at TCI
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    162cm 54kg 10C hoping for 10E
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    Nails, tattoos, shopping, plastic surgery and most of all my 2 kids!!

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  1. Mia I'm extremely happy. I'm getting boob greed though. I want to go bigger! ?
  2. I hear you! Anything is better than my pre op boobs and I figure if I ever need a lift I can get one later down the track. They aren't sitting completely natural just yet as I'm only 12 days post op but since I've been massaging they have been dropping and fluffing nicely so I'm pretty sure they'll be looking great by the time they have fully settled. Looking at me now, you can't tell that they were empty sacks so I'm completely over the moon! ?
  3. Hey Mia I'll post some here. Anna that's not me. That's what I asked the surgeon to give me haha.
  4. I was a deflated B/C dependong on bra. I have photos in my pre/post op album. I'll see if I can find it for you. Hopefully this link works. I really have no idea what I'm doing lol http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/profile/14566-just_fake_it/content/?type=gallery_image
  5. I'm borderline (2 kids). I'm only 10 days post with 485cc round, HP, unders (no lift) but so far everything's fine and in the right place. They still look a bit like lego boobs but are starting to settle well.
  6. Thanks ladies! No its not painful at all Melina88. I think I'm like you. The same thing happened to my ceasar scar. So annoying! But thanks for putting my mind at ease xx ?
  7. So the nurse called me today after I sent my photos in and mentioned one incision looks red and split open. I only went to the doctors yesterday to have my incisions redressed and a photo taken of them and they never mentioned a thing! I'm freaking out a little bit because the same thing happened to my ceaser scar and now I have this huge ugly scar because of it. Does it look like there's something wrong with it and could it be infected?
  8. Oh ok thank you. I'll look that up!
  9. I remember seeing it too but not sure what it's about. I'd like to know ?
  10. Thank you ?? Ahh ok. I remember seeing 13.5 I think! I'm 162cm and 54kg. Yeah I'd say just a precaution just puzzled I haven't come across anyone else who needed one ?
  11. Lol nope not me. I handed that pic over though and asked for those boobies! Apparently 485cc was the biggest I could handle and the bra will stop the implants from fusing together because they are so large but I'm not sure if the implants are actually wider than my bw. How do I tell?
  12. Thanks ladies. Looks like I'm going to have very big boobies! Woohoo ?
  13. How many others have had to wear a Symmastia bra with the straps in the shape of a V? I've been told I need to wear one for the whole 6 weeks due to having large implants and now I'm worried my cleavage is going to look funny! (Either a unaboob or my boobs will sit too far apart) Are Symmastia bras common or did I get a little too excited and go too big ? lol
  14. Thanks ladies! RH4K I was a large B or small C pre op.
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