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  1. Do you know much about the warranty for the implants? I know cereform has a lifetime warranty, but does that mean if a rupture or CC occurs, they are replaced for free? Do you know much about that
  2. Hey thanx for letting me know Donatella... Yes i felt them today at my consult and they feel really nice, better than smooth or textured. As soon as I saw them I wanted it. Everything my surgeon said about it sounds promising. He hasnt used them on anyone else yet but has surgeries booked for it. He's also rating them excellent and is starting to only recommend them over others. Its just because they are still new kinda hard to tell what will happen 5-10 yrs later.
  3. Hi I had a 3rd consultation today with my surgeon and he recommended Cereform implants for me after I said I didnt want to massage smooth implants and I was worried about capsular contracture. Cereform implants are like an intermediate texture surface (between smooth & textured implants). Originally I was going for Mentor smooth. I was wondering if anyone had used them for their breast implants? Or have heard anything about them? They have only been around for approx 5 yrs in Europe and have recently been approved in Australia. Thanks
  4. Do you girls know which implant and brand he prefers to use? I have booked a consult with him in Nov, but had a look at his website pics and some photos are with PIP implants and Eurosilicone. I am wanting Mentor.
  5. Thanks Veruscka... that site helped aswell! Im still deciding who to go with. Im so confused!
  6. Thank you to everyone that replied I appreciate it. I will add you. If there are any from Dr Poomee would be great too!
  7. Hi. I am considering a BA in Thailand and was wondering if anyone would be ok to show me before/after pics of their BA done in Thailand?? I hope I am not asking for too much but I would appreciate any help as I cannot find any on the net and I am so worried/confused who to choose. The before/afters I would most likely to see are Dr Poomee, Dr Teerasit or Dr Piyapas. Dont mind seeing other surgeons since I am not sure. Thanks
  8. Hey Havnt seen him but I wouldnt choose saline. Go with silicone. I only had a consultation with Dr Rubinstein and decided to go ahead with him, under muscle smooth round.
  9. 2 of my friends got round implants under muscle and they are always at the gym doing weights. Of course u can go gym! But u have to wait until pain is over.
  10. I think if you go smooth round under muscle will look & feel most natural. other implants are good too but smooth is the one that has the most natural feel. it wont give u pornstar look!
  11. I too have my BA booked for May & in the same position. Mine costs 14k and the thought of spending so much is freaking me out!! I thought about America, but more so Thailand coz its a bit closer. Im tempted to just go there and have it done. I trust my PS too, but the PS there may be great as well. But then I think about the after-care??What if something went wrong? Would you really wana travel that far again? To be honest 12k is not that bad. That extra money may be worth it since you know you are in good hands. If something went wrong you would have to go bak or even spend extra $$ here. In the end it may add up to 12k anyway. I know its easier said than done, Im still thinking if I should stay here or have it done overseas. I cant decide either!
  12. http://www.breastimplantinfo.org/what_know/before_you_get.html How long breast implants last It is unpredictable how long an implant will last. Some implants break within a few days, weeks, or months, while others last for many years. Like most new products, most implants seem fine for the first few years. Think of implants as being as reliable as a car – problems can happen anytime, but the older they get, the more problems you are likely to have. The FDA found that by the time a woman has implants for 10 years, at least one of them has broken. However, it is not always obvious.
  13. Hey, the PS I had a consult with told me that the implant lasts around 10 years, but could be up to 20 years. I chose Mentor smooth round silicone (surgery is booked in May) A friend of mine had hers done in Thailand by a PS three months ago. She has the exact same implant Mentor round smooth silicone and very similar size. Her PS told her that the implant will last a LIFETIME and she NEVER has to replace it. I dont know why some PS say it lasts forever, while others tell you to prepare for another surgery later.
  14. Alimah

    *Just Do It?*

    Hey Bex31. I was kind of in the same position, been thinkin about having a BA for 10yrs on and off, until quite recently I thought I should just get it over and done with!! Never wanted to have surgery but so many people do it and have been happy with results. Ive already had 2 consults this year and looking to book it in around may. I havnt told many people either, just a few friends. As for surgeons, I live in Melb, but I know of someone that had it done by Dr Fleming. They look great and she is very happy with them. I think he only uses polys though. Just do as much research as you can. And this is the place where you will find out the answer to most of your questions. I didnt know half of what I know now and its only because I started asking questions on here. Good luck with it
  15. sammydavisjr - thinking about the money worries me too. If i told me parents they would kill me. It is too much but ive been wanting this for sooo long and i think its about time! I just think you only live once and if its something you really want and if its going to make you happy then I guess sometimes its worth it.
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