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    Dr Murray - Absolute Cosmetics / jan 6th 2015
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    167cm / 50kg / 12A and even then cup doesnt fit right!!

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  1. Hi there Im 167cm, 52kg and was barely a 10a preop with a narrow bwd (11 or 12cm i think). My surgeon put 380cc xhp dual plane and im measuring a 10e , sometimes 10dd. Hope this helps ?
  2. Donatella do you have any knowledge on this??!!
  3. Thanks girls. Im actually 11 mnths postop with the same size implants but have (what i would call) big assymetry. My surgeon says that a bigger implant will cause more probs down the track as it will be heavier causing more droop on that side (i think hes talking a year or more)
  4. Im curious if anyone here has been given 2 different sized implants for assymetry and down the track have experienced problems with the larger implant drooping more than the smaller due to the weight difference??
  5. I have a friend who went with him and they look amazing. She is very happy. Very natural too.
  6. Hi i can relate! I wanted a ba for as long as i could remember but the one holdback was that i was extremely sensitive (in a good way) on my nipples and i didnt want it to end! However i bit the bullet and got 380 round dual plane crease incision. Nipples were a no go zone for many months as touch felt horrible. I slowly got more and more pleasant feelings back in my right nipple and at 10months i am getting more and more in my left now too. They arent as great as preop but the fact my nipples actually sit on mountains now rather than the pancakes they were on before makes up for the slight loss of sensitivity!! Goodluck x
  7. We have pretty much the same stats although i was more like an a cup. I got 380cc and am now a 10dd or 10e depending on where i shop. Definately trust your surgeon, and if you dont then you need to find one that you do. Goodluck x
  8. although i havent seen Tony myself so unsure of how he does things, generally speaking the surgeons have their own bras they put you in and then place the sizers in those. I know not all surgeons do this though due to it not giving you an accurate size depending on placement etc Hope this helps and goodluck x
  9. Have no idea why the picture came out upside down sorry!
  10. Hi there, I have two barely worn 10dd removeable underwire bras from bras n things for sale. One in black, one in nude paid $50 each, happy for $50 for both. Nothing wrong with them ive just gone up a size and am still under instructions to wear a post op/sports bras from surgeon x
  11. I think the swelling goes down and thats when we start questioning if they are too small as we just get used to the size with the swelling. In my case and many others I know, after the swelling goes down yoy have a period of smallness then they begin to fluff out and drop into place. This seems to make them appear bigger as they fill out more at the bottom and become more natural looking (in my case anyway) As mine dropped and fluffed they filled out bras and tops differently. At 6 weeks I got measured at a 10c and quickly jumped to a 10dd and at 4 months im now in a 10e. Hope that gives you some hope x
  12. IBR

    Dr Kailis

    I know of a few people who have been through him and are extremely happy and they look fantastic. They are all over the muscle and one is extremely petite and they still look fantastic. With your current breast size id think youd be fine with overs. None of the people I know went overly big either, ive heard he will do the big if thats what you want but if you dont want to go big im sure he will cater to what your after! Goodluck, thats a great price!
  13. I have everything crossed for you! Best of luck xx
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