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  1. im a mark lee girl too!! boob god and prices have recently gone down to about 10g for standard BA!
  2. looking good @Hazelnut!! yeh that first shower is a funny feeling with all that weigh on ya chest but it is great to get a look in! my mum only had to help me take my bra off for the 2 days after then I was fine to shower on my own yeh I hate that drugged up feeling I love being in control and I was so not in control while on them hahah I find it very funny now even my mum did seeing me like that! lol the anti-inflammatory that I was given to start day after the op made me sick as!! I stopped after 3 tabs and then just had Panadol and nurofen
  3. @kg95 Yep I was given those paracetamol tabs too, and the celebrex to start day after op bahahahaha don't take one of those tabs they are evil!!!!! I had one when I left the hospital and I was high as a kite!!!! I said to my mum ditch those tabs and never give me another one again!!!! omg yes morning boob is the worst!!! sorry but lasts a while but well worth it yes!!!
  4. @kg95 that's good to hear celebrex made me sick as!! only had 3 tablets then I stopped taking them and went with normal nurofen ummm I think maybe around a week?? lol cant really remember my recovery was pretty easy actually I would rather tightness than pain! what size did ya end u getting?
  5. looking good babe!!! don't worry my right was the same!!! it will all even out over the next couple of weeks! enjoy!!!! yippeeee I'm 9 weeks post op with mark
  6. YAY!!!!!! welcome to the MARK LEE boobie club! cant wait to see ya progress! have a sneak peak at them! your are in good hands @Courtney_22 mark lee is amazing!!!
  7. @emmalouise thanks chick i will be 8 weeks on wednesday! ?
  8. Mark Lee subiaco i paid 12g 7 weeks ago but his prices have dropped now to under 10g!!!!!! he is the boob god!! 500hp rounds dual plane
  9. 168cm 62kgs a deflated b after three kiddies 500cc HP rounds dual plane DD
  10. hey ladies! Im coming up to 6 weeks post op on wednesday, when did you start wearing bras? and underwire? And if one hasnt dropped fully should i go into bras or wait a few more few weeks in PO bras?
  11. Mark Lee I'm 4 weeks post op gone from a deflated B to a DD!! super super happy!!
  12. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I hate my sensitive nips at the moment!!!
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