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  1. Does anyone have recommendations of where to go for non surgical nose job in Adelaide? Any personal experiences you can share? Thank you!
  2. I have a raised scar from a c-section and am worried about scarring also. Have any of you girls heard of (or had) steroid injection at the time of surgery? One surgeon suggested he could do that to help reduce poor scarring.
  3. @emmalouise I'm looking at going with Dr Kollias too so am following this thread with great interest!! What did you think of Dr K? I've heard great things but haven't seen any of his work yet. Were you happy with his work based on pics at your consult?
  4. Hi cj27, did you get any further info on this? Did it help you with your decision? I've already had one baby but want to have another one in a year or so, so am going through the same concerns that you have. I'm struggling to find any real life examples and information on it. Hope you've had some luck.
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