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    d_star reacted to RachT in Not one review of an Adelaide surgeon   
    I struggled the same way finding any info on Adelaide surgeons. In the end I just went for a consult and went with my gut. I went with Dr Tim Edwards at APSA (turns out one of my husbands work mates also went with him too) I'm only day 3 post op but I'm absolutely stoked with my results so far

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    d_star reacted to Lou in Sub-fascial or dual plane placement?   
    Dr Kollias was great! As I was quite nervous about it, he was fantastic because he was so calm and professional. He asks what you're looking for and basically why you want a BA. He is very conservative, and didn't think it was necessary for me to have a BA (even though I can't even fill an A cup) however he is still happy to make me feel confident within my body. I was really happy with his work, and feel very comfortable in his hands  
    @emmajade Emma I'll FR you, please! That's awesome you're happy with your results
    @Pepper9 Do you have any before and after photos? I'm wondering what the difference in cleavage would be for me, especially since we're roughly the same height and similar breast tissue  
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    d_star reacted to Pepper9 in Sub-fascial or dual plane placement?   
    I am 173cm and 62kg and have 360cc dual plane. That placement was the only option for me as no tissue to start with. I wear a 10dd bra now but they look like a C/dcup. I have a gap the same as what I had pre- op. 
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    d_star reacted to emmajade in Sub-fascial or dual plane placement?   
    Hi ladies just thought i'd chime in as i had the exact same dilemma in terms of choosing placement.... i never thought i had enough breast tissue to be a candidate for subfascial so when this was suggested to me at my consult i was a little apprehensive however my surgeon assured me I had enough tissue (pinch test) to cover the implant. I am SOOOO happy i put my trust and faith in him, I ended up getting 350 mod plus round textured subfascial placement two weeks ago. Everything has been going well so far and I am seeing changes every single day, very happy!
    I've also just uploaded some pictures to my gallery so if you'd like to see my progress just friend request me!! 
    Goodluck ladies.. I know how daunting and hard the decision making process can be but its all worth it in the end  
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    d_star reacted to Primed in Pregnancy after implants   
    Hi ladies,

    I'm not sure if you still need info but thought I'd share in case.

    I got my implants in 2004 in 2011 had my first baby and other a year ago. Both were breastfed fine, although one side was a bit harder to do (not in terms of milk production)Mine are dual plane. I too are having them re-done. My left one has moved outwards a little. This is only noticable if I raise my hands up. My upper pole has gone too, hence I need a lift with my replacement. Hope this helps.
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    d_star reacted to rockmelonmamma in How soon can I do yoga?   
    My post op instructions say 12 weeks, which is fair enough - at one week I couldn't even handle Shavasana (I was sleeping on on the recliner for the first week). I am now 2 weeks, and although it is difficult to get a good flow going I still try to do a little - as my body will allow (energy wise as well as flexibility).
    Here's what I've tried so far:
    Staff and bound angle pose with my back leaned against the couch for support, stretch through the heels (and legs) - but not forward through the arms or chest, JUST the legs, I don't lean forward. (I find this a good opportunity to experiment and mix it up with different leg poses- try what works and breathe into it )
    Warrior poses without the arms - don't get ambitious here, I keep my arms on hips, or at the front above my pelvis- and go slow and not too deep.
    No table,cat/cow, no down dog, and no child's pose (I know - boooo!!!).
    . . . and breeeathe. . .

    I hope this helps.

    ~ Namaste ~
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    d_star reacted to Cricket in Cricket's breast augmentation experience with Dr Miroshnik - 11/11/2014   
    Hey lovely forum Ladies!!! I'm so excited to tell you all that I have my boobies

    So here's a run down of my experience for those of you who are interested.

    Last night I was feeling happy because my surgery was up in the air due to breast pain in my right boob but after having an ultrasound I was given the go ahead. I stayed up late getting things organised and hubby and I managed to fit in some "alone" time after the kids went to bed as he will be feeling pretty lonely for a couple of weeks lol (sorry if TMI hehe)

    I had a pre-midnight snack, and then set my alarm to go off at 5:00AM and again at 5:30AM just in case I slept through the first one (no chance of that with all the excitement and nerves btw lol). This morning I showered using some Gamophen soap and dressed in some black leggings, a wide sleeve singlet and a hooded zip up jacket (thank you Danni for convincing me to bring warmer clothes as I couldn't comprehend the cooler weather I would experience in Sydney - being from QLD). Hubby and I woke the kids and carried them down to the car at 6:20. I was super afraid I would forget something but turns out I didnt even need the things I took (I packed my iPhone, iPad, and wallet).

    We arrived at the hospital and I gave my family a kiss and cuddle each and said goodbye then hopped out of the car and wallked into the hospital and up to admissions. once I checked in with the desk and paid my hospital fee I sat down and read the paper - I stumbled across this article on the 3rd page of the Daily Telegraph reporting about a link between a rare cancer and textured implants :-/ After yesterday's shamozzle with the boob pain I was seriously considering high tailing it out of there as I thought the universe was trying to tell me something lol (so glad I didn't).

    So after a little wait out in the admissions reception area, I was taken through to a room with an admissions nurse who tagged my ankle with a name bracelet, and asked me the routine questions about name, DOB, and the procedure I was there for. She also took my BP. Following this I was taken around to a change room and after pointing out the things I would need to put on (surgical gown, dressing gown, booties and told I could keep my own underwear on) she left me to my own devices to change. They left me a suit bag to pop my clothes and belongings in which was stored in a locked cupboard whilst I was in surgery. Now being the wally that I am I got dressed in my surgical gown, tied it up and walked out to meet my admissions nurse. We started walking through to the pre-op waiting area and on passing another nurse she says to my nurse "have you checked her gown?" I had the bloody thing on backwards lol duh! *Insert beetroot face here*

    My anaesthetist came in and greeted me after I had corrected the wardrobe dilemma and then I was taken through to another room and they sat me down to wait for my PS. He came in not long after and drew what looked like an American football game strategy on my chest. I must say how impressed I am by his thoroughness when marking me up. He was really fantastic. We briefly discussed implant sizes and he reiterated that the smaller implant (he was taking in 295cc, 330cc, and 345cc) may be necessary to get symmetry as I am only having a lift on the one side and he will do the non-lift side first then "match" the lift side to this. He also said he would see once in there if he could get away with a less invasive lift to prevent scarring as I was only a tiny cm off this being an option. I told him the scarring wouldn't bother me if I got an optimal result.

    Once done with the marking up my anaesthetist nurse came back in and fitted me with some lovely compression things that looked like deflated life jackets for my legs. She walked me around to the operating room with one hand around my shoulder and my chart in her other hand (she used this to block my view of another procedure which she said I "DO NOT" want to see. I was greatful for this as my head automatically turned that way.

    In the operating theatre it seemed very surreal. I hopped up on the table and my anaesthetist started doing his thing. His nurse put an extremely cold sticker on my thigh which I have no idea what it was for. They asked me a few questions about my children and then BAM!! Lights out Cricket - hello recovery room lol. I woke up really quickly apparently which is a credit to my anaesthetist. My eyes felt really blurry and I briefly remember informing the nurse about rememberence day as she was asking if it was a PH today. This recovery nurse was so lovely. She asked me how my pain felt and I told her okay but I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. After assuring me the pressure was a normal feeling but that pain meds would help she got me some pain relief. I took that and then five minutes later she gave me more medicine through my cannula as I was still sore. I felt better after this. she fitted me in my post op surgical bra (carefix Alice provided by my surgeon) and then grabbed my clothes bag and helped me to dress.

    I was a bit wobbly on the legs as she walked me over to the recovery recliners to have a bite to eat. I was given sandwich triangles (an assortment of three fillings and bread types), she brang me a green tea (which I could have married her for as it was amazingly just what I needed), a bottled water, some crackers, some sweet buscuits, and a hunk of packaged mainland cheese. Trying to eat was interesting as everything was so dry, pasty and hard to swallow after having a breathing tube in during the surgery. I needed to wash everything down with water after chewing. I drank three bottles of water and my green tea after waking up in recovery lol - thirsty work I guess

    My recovery nurse took me over to the toilets to see if I could pass urine and whilst in there (by myself) it seems I had stage fright and couldn't go lol. She knocked to tell me Dr Miroshnik had come to check on me so I gave up and came out to greet him. He was impressed with how fast I was up and about. He told me everything went well and that he ended up going with the 330cc implant to give the best symmetry to my non-lifted breast (yay). I ended up getting a short vertical lift on the left as he couldn't get away with the crescent lift (I was secretly happy about that as I want the lift to be the best it can be). I also do not have any drains in, which I thought I would have but oh well, one less thing to worry about

    After leaving my recovery nurse called my hubby to come pick me up I was in for surgery at 8:30AM woke up in recovery around 10.40AM and drifted in and out in my recovery recliner until hubby and my two little ones came to pick me up at 12:15PM. I was told yesterday that I could expect to be there until 2PM so I was pleased how fast I was coming good.

    After a rundown about my medications from the nurse we left to head back to our apartment. Pain was creeping back in and we had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to grab my medications and an ice pack which I was instructed to use for thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off. I had some of a yoghurt squeeze that we had in the fridge for the kids so that I could take my medication and am feeling awesome now. I have fIve different medications to juggle so I am writing down my dose and time taken and time it's next due.

    I had a sneak preview in the mirror to see what they looked like and OMG!! The man is a boob genius! I know it's only early stages but hubby and I are both already in love with them lol. I will try to attach some pics in my singlet so you can get an idea of size.

    Sorry for the humongous post ladies but if I didn't get it out now than my shitty memory would forget all of the details I want to remember hahah!! Apologies in advance for any spelling errors (I hate spelling errors and normally proofread my writing to fix them but can't be bothered ).

    I am soo soo thrilled with my experience so far. The feeling you get when you see your new reflection in the mirror is indescribable! I feel like a woman and not a kid lol I love it I hope this is helpful to some of you. I know how much I enjoy reading everyone else's surgey experiences and how helpful these were in the lead up to my own surgey.

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