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  1. I haven't been on here in years so it's weird my post has been kicked up so recently! Having tried a few more injectors since this post started, I've heard conflicting things about Helprin swelling. My doctor injector said icing is a waste of time and can actually make it worse because people go overboard with it causing more harm than good. He said taking an anti-hystamine was about all that was needed. Also, it matters what kind of needle the injector uses. A smaller cannula needle leaves a bit of swelling that subsides pretty quickly. The larger ones can leave you looking horrific for up to a week (I learned that the hard way). All the ice in the world didn't help reduce those freak lips. Cannula needles are very different and leave minimal swelling. I'd ask what kind of needle they use.
  2. Hi, there's a very long thread called "Tony Connell Girls". It has a lot of feedback regarding his patients' experience which you might find helpful. He is considered by far and away the best ps Perth has. You don't need to take anything to your first consult. He covers everything very thoroughly and will ask you quite a few questions to gauge your needs and expectations. It's a very comprehensive consult Only thing I can suggest is if you have any existing medical condition (i.e. your BA is not purely cosmetic), get a referral from a GP and you will only have to pay half the consult fee.
  3. I looked at his work after you originally mentioned him ages ago. It's stunning- makes me almost wish I badly needed one! If I had the cash he'd be the one I'd see.
  4. From my limited but bargain hunting experience, the prices can vary from place to place quite significantly. I have been told $800 for 1ml of juvederm one place, and $430 at another place. Price varies from product to product. Having an open whinge to one injector about restylane (it's the cheapest but feels horrible and clumps awfully- avoid!), she said juverderm is nice but also doesn't last very long. She recommended juverderm voluma- but I think that's crazily dear. I find by the 3 month mark, even though there is product sitting in the lips, it stops providing the structure and is pretty useless. On the rec of another member I've just tried emervel which looks and feels very nice in the lips... although I'm just 3 days post injections and so there's still a lot of swelling so I'm not sure of its long jeopardy just yet. That is $600 for 1ml but they had a 'special' on so it was $500. I had to laugh when she told me they were phasing that out for more 'high end' products- ie 'more expensive'. If you live over east, you can get juvederm for under $400- which is much cheaper than WA. I think Australian Laser Clinics is the cheapest? Only advice I can give is what I'm doing. Curb spending on stuff like clothes, beauty products and unnecessary or luxury groceries and set the savings aside for upkeep- which for me is every 3 months.
  5. I asked a dentist friend about the long jeopardy of professional whitening. She said 1-2 years. So Dr Porntep is the go with Lipo! He's cheaper than Boonchai. All big ticks. ?
  6. Amazing how you can get so wounded by an analogy, but don't extend the same thought process to people currently screwed over by this business. I'd say the more disrespectful thing is your determination to "fight for" TCI. You really don't have genuine empathy for these botched patients otherwise you wouldn't be commenting in defense of this rubbish company. It's rubbing salt into the wound. As for saying you don't feel welcome- seriously grow up. You chipped into a general comment I made here- totally unnecessary. Frankly you were aggressive & have continued to be so. As I recall you were never happy with your TCI results and complained so regularly to the point where someone suggested you try counseling.
  7. I contacted them last week for quotes for Dr Boonchai: traditional lipo was $3720- $4120. Cheap but still dear! I agree with you- very little in the way of feedback about lipo! This forum is drowning in a sea of boobs.
  8. Not really... both exploited and ruined people for profit. I'd also say that trying to wave the TCI banner of support is in bad taste. Have some compassion for people affected by their inferior practices.
  9. And many Germans had wonderful lives under Hitler. Doesn't make him any less of a monster.
  10. Just wondering if your surgeon has a preference for using brazillians or if he chose the implant specifically for your needs? Everything I've seen and read about these implants would make me avoid them. They look so hard and fake.
  11. They're defending them on here! Two weeks ago I copped abuse for saying TCI was a money making factory. I find their attitude selfish. As long as they got a "good" outcome everyone else is "just after money".
  12. I know cooler months are popular because you can layer and hide them, but I'm not too sure it matters really. A friend of a friend got hers done late January. I had mine early April. We both found it manageable. You can wear loose, draped tops and dresses to hide the swelling regardless of the weather. I found I was wearing a lot of flowing summer dresses in winter to hide them. I would've gotten surgery earlier in the year if a spot had been available. If you're after natural looking and feeling- definitely stay away from Brazilians.
  13. I'm looking at his ad in the sidebar. It's showing he has 13 verified reviews. Look for him in the clinician profile- or review section I think it's called
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you never supposed to apply an icepack to the eye area? Pretty sure it's dangerous!
  15. Thanks so much! I appreciate the tips on what and where to get! Youtube- what did we do without it! Thanks again
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