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    Breast enlargment! Teardrop. Behind muscle - high profile. Left breast 410cc Right breast 375cc
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    Dr Terrence Scamp (12th November)
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    5'6- 53kgs bra size 12B

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  1. I had them done with him about two years ago. I would highly recommend him, My pictures speak for themselves Amazing doctor.
  2. thanks and yeah they did changed heaps! There was no shape at all after op. I was like a square box! I got 410cc under the muscle, tear drop. Before op I was 12b and now a 12e.
  3. I got 410cc under the muscle- teardrop implants. It honestly takes months for the muscles to loosen up and the skin to stretch & softenso the implant fits nicely in the new pocket. I think you'll be quite surprised with the end result ?
  4. Patience is the key to surviving your over thinking and analysing mind after a breast op. I went through soooo many stages of loving and hating my boobs. And now after 9 months you can see how much they changed from day 1. Stay positive and give it a year I say! Good luck xx
  5. My BA with Dr Scamp was $10,500 also (teardrop for me 410cc) I ended up a 12e. He will never make a judgement that is to busty as he doesn't really like going over the top. He tells you the most natural size and you can adjust if you want more etc.
  6. He had a few laughs with me but I'd rather a surgeon more professional then friendly. I had a complicated BA (as I was born with no legiments joining my skin to the sternum (better known as congenital symmastia) but he still managed my boobs to look amazing! He takes pride in every BA he does.
  7. I had my BA last year with Dr Scamp! Amazing surgeon! So talented and knows exactly what he is taking about! I recommend him to everyone that is interested in a BA.
  8. I had my BA about 7 months ago and they were uneven to start with. Unfortunately to our own critical eye we will always be able to see something on our body that isn't perfect even if others can't tell. But I use to think they would never match up. It wasn't until the 4 month mark that they started to look the same. So I think time will have to be your best friend at this stage. Heaps of changes to come for you.
  9. That would be dysport. As for Botox I get forehead, crows feet and frown done and that is approx 44 units and would cost me about $572. Not sure how dysport work it out
  10. Without a doubt go 315cc. It's honestly not that big once it's under the muscle as you loose (I believe) more then 10%. I am only 6cm taller then you (same weight ect) and I went 410cc and would love to have gone bigger. And the difference between the two sizes you were contemplating is like a tablespoon. You won't regret the tiny bit more. Trust me xx good luck
  11. If you click on your post in this thread and click "edit" you should be able to attach file
  12. Click on my gallery and then in the top right hand corner there should be an "upload" button
  13. I only had one consult. I was convinced straight up. End of the day it's up to you.
  14. Mine was like that to start with but really bad after the op. Took about 3-4 months until it went down completely.
  15. You seem like such a strong person. And beyond brave. Good luck with everything in the future
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