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  1. Wow! Juicy thread. I'm going with BHP Dr Piyapas, feeling pretty relaxed and confident witg my decision. Very brave of you to come here, good on you.
  2. $8500 - surgery, accommodation, flights. That's for tear drop, so if I go with round I'll have $1000 in the kitty.
  3. Hi girls Because my surgery is 26 January I thought I'd join in here if that's ok. I'll be staying at Banthai from 25 January to 3 February. BA is with Piyapas at BHP at 8am consultation. My bestie is coming with me and is a nurse so lucky me!!! Currently 12/14A... my weight fluctuates and I just lost 10kg from 72kg. Planning on around 275/300cc anatomical. My fears are needing a revision, going too big, and getting depression from guilt and/or missing my 2 year old daughter.
  4. At the risk of sounding like a hippy, have you ever meditated before? If you haven't before, in the midst of pain is not the easiest place to start but if you've meditated before, or held a difficult yoga pose for some time, you could try to focus on your breathing a "ride" the pain wave by acknowledging it as a feeling that hurts but is not actually "damaging" you... so to speak. I don't want to sound condescending because I haven't had my BA yet, but I used the "pain" vs "damage" meditation to sit through a few 3 hour tattoo sessions, and during c-section recovery. Hope you move past it soon. xx
  5. Epic post! You legend. Thank you and congratulations xxx
  6. I have Piyapas too, on 26 Jan 2015. There are a few Piyapas girls here. I really want to find out about this group mentioned in the first post, that will be so good for support. Start an Instagram too for support, I've found it invaluable.
  7. Sorry to bump an old thread but how do I join a group? I'd like to join this group. Ta!
  8. I booked direct at BHP. The agency I tried to book with in Perth are a total joke. Three times now they have emailed me a surgeon's advice plus travel itinerary, for the wrong dates every single time. They ignore emails and lie about not being available on the phone (the receptionist admitted it (wow, so professional). A joke! A waste of my $50 appointment fee. So far BHP have exceeded every expectation and the transfers are all the same anyway.
  9. Is there a buy/sell/swap thread? I've seen a few ladies post that they have Lipoelastic bras (the cancer care ones) that they no longer need and only wore for a few weeks. I'm keen to buy some second hand. I'm a 12A and plan on being 12C post op.
  10. A_G

    January 2015

    I am. I have BA at BHP on 26 Jan.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience but also so pleased you have found help. Who was your Thailand surgeon?
  12. I think I'm gorgeous but in every photo I look awful! Actually my whole family agrees haha! So I'm not imagining it. Some people just look weird in 2D. Try to do a sideways glance at the camera and raise your eyebrows, and if the lighting is too bright simply refuse or move to a shadow.
  13. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would go to BHP. Pay the difference, it's only around $500 I think.
  14. Get a scale & clean before surgery. Bacteria lives in the gums and I did read a case of CC following a scale & clean.
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