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    Brisvegas/ Gold Coast glitter strip
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    BA - 325cc round silicone, unders
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    DR Luke stradwick - 5/12/14
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    174cm, 56kgs, 10A
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  1. Hi im 2 days post op from liposuction with Dr Chen @ Ashbury, I know there have been some mixed reviews but I can't fault him, but I had liposuction to my inner/out thighs upper abdomen & flanks, I went with laser as well to help with skin contracture as I have previously had 2 children, I'm swollen but I have had a dramatic difference I was starting to get the saddle bag arse and I've always carried weight on my love handles, but now all of my clothes are loose and I have a thigh gap they took off just over 4 L when I have my F/U I will get the before photos and d
  2. Hi I went through cos medi tours but if I had my way again I would've saved my self $100 and just hit up the breast academy directly same price, same surgeon, just not paying a brokered fee to cos medi tour. I am 2 month post op. No dramas I had a young surgeon put one boob in and Luke Stradwick put the other implant in at the same time. I had the kennel funnel technique and very happy as I had no complications and my incisions are healing with minimal scarring. The quality of the implants are up there with furry brazillians they have a lifetime warranty and they are textured so no post op
  3. I've had the kennel funnel technique andy recovery was good, no bruising or tenderness my scars are about an inch long and look like thin white lines and I'm only two months post op. it was worth the extra money IMO as my scars look unremarkable
  4. I waited 6 months. but I was only feeding once a day, I'm 2 months post op and no problems.
  5. yeah I will be 5 weeks on fri and I have gone backwards a cup size two weeks ago I was a 10 DD/ 12 D today I was remeasured and I am a 10D
  6. I FR just to see how you are going, I'm surpirsed dr didn't put in drains if there was that much blood, the drs I went to were super paranoid OTT WITH blood thinner meds no aspirins, herbals or NSAIDs for 2 weeks prior, which to me seemed like over kill but then again bleeding post op is a very low risk for where I went. every surgeon is different I guess some surgeons only put drains in, I hope ur infection is undercontrol and your implants are healing nicely
  7. hey yes the breast accademy is a training facility, to be a consult or master in plastics you have to have done 6 years med school, 6 years as a registrar learning surgery so anything from heart surgery taking out an appendix etc but to have a qualification like dr stradwick or Craig kyat you have to be doing supervised plastics only for 10 years so they are fellows at present and still very exp. if they have accepted you in that your a suitable canditate for a BA with Breast accede my it means that your surgery is simple for them less chance of complications, the quality of implant they
  8. just realised my recent pics upload was private so I changed that for those who are keen to to see progress love xx
  9. hey fellow DEC ladies, glad ur all on boobie side, hope Xmas NY was good, i will be 1 month 2mrw and I am so happy withy boobs they have dropped they have feeling xcept the nips are still high beamin, I still get the odd morning boob I'm desperate to sleep on my side and I occasionally get stabbing pains I'm assuming it's the muscles deep within. my mum who is also a nurse re taped my boobs after 2nd dressing and was in awe she saidy incisions were amazing and looked like tiny scratches I should've got her to take a pic but I forgot. lol. been a bit naughty had too fun events were I went
  10. Yep everything went well, I ended up having dr Luke stradwick see me at preop and then he was in the surgery on the day with a younger guy dr Andrew and basically he put one boob in and dr stradwick put the other in, my boobs are healing nicely not much pain, I saw a nurse for a follow up 6 days later and she changed dressings answered questions
  11. I drove today 9 days easy as. I could've drove sooner I reckon. my doc wanted me to wait 2 weeks
  12. I'm day seven and I am starting to feel the tightness is going away and I'm less aware of them. I am still icing though when I feel I need to, I recommend icing I have had literally no swelling, no bruising and no hardness
  13. hey lovlies I put some day seven pics up my gallery.
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