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    smooth round high profile 275 cc mentor implants under muscle
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    Dr Craig Rubinstein 09/12/17
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    158cm / 53kg / flat & droopy B cup (borderline lift)
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    weight training, running, indoor climbing, hiking

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  1. It's money well spent JD. I feel million bucks now, haha.
  2. I am 35. In hindsight, I should have done it years ago
  3. Good luck @sparkles16! You’ll love it. ? I am now shaking my head that I haven’t done it earlier.
  4. Hi @sabP looking great missy! Sounds like you are feeling better day by day also. I had surgery Sat morning and I too am doing alright painwise. The soreness and tightness I feel reminds me of DOMS after bench workout or chin-ups. Day3 and I'm still very swollen around my boobs, incisions, armpits & ribs. I feel like a swollen whale, haha. Sometimes it's hard to breathe but I'm hoping tomorrow there's going to be more of an improvement. I'm thinking I'll do a beach walk, it's meant to be a nice day in Melbourne. Looking forward to your next post. I too wish best of luck to @EmRos
  5. Best of luck sabP! Look forward to reading how you went. And great prep, well done. I’m meant to be in the hospital at 7am on Sat 9th so I better get organised... Some of my girlfriends were functioning completely normally couple days post op so I haven’t even considered frozen meals... Look forward to your next post.
  6. Hi ladies, I'm booked in for Sat 9th of Dec with Craig R. in Melbourne. Best of luck to all December ladies that still have the op ahead of them and congrats and speedy recovery to chicas that have their new Christmas present already! Hope everyone is happy with the end result.
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