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  1. hope your recovery goes well lou11. I agree those leg compressors are annoying, I had to keep them on for 2 days & was so glad when they took them off. Just a question for all the other that have had TT, how long has your PS said you have to wear your compression garment. I have to wear mine for 3 months, but I have recently been taking it off while I sleep as it is uncomfortable.
  2. My lift was post pregnancy. I had to pay the whole amount upfront and then got rebates from Medicare and health insurance after the procedure. Health insurance paid all hospital fees. I am with HCF.
  3. They haven't removed all medical codes for breast lifts. I had an anchor breast lift 4 weeks ago that was covered by Medicare. My pictures had to be sent to the Medicare review panel & then my surgery was approved. My private health paid gave me a rebate too & they covered hospital stay
  4. Sorry to hear about the haematoma Erin but I guess it's good that it is draining rather than getting bigger. I have a pinching feeling at times too Violeta78, it's on the left side between my hip & belly button. I now have most of the feeling back in my stomach which is good as the numbness felt weird
  5. I was a DD before my surgery and in size 10 tops. But after 4 kids they had sagged a bit. I had anchor lift, no implant. I am now almost 3 weeks post op and really happy with the results. My breasts are much fuller and I have a good amount of upper pole, which I had none of before, I am still a DD and scars are already looking really thin. As soon as I saw PS he advised that I had plenty of breast tissue and did not need an implant. Really happy with my decision. Good luck
  6. Hope everyone is recovering well. I am now going really well now. Incision is looking really good and almost healed. I no longer have pain but do find the numbness on my stomach weird. Just can't wait for the swelling to go. Really happy with BL too, so glad I got both procedures done at once.
  7. I was a DD prior to my anchor lift. My PS said I didn't need implants as I had enough breast tissue. I am really happy with the results have plenty of upper pole fullness which I was lacking in prior to the surgery. I have stayed a DD which surprised me as I thought a BL would make me a little smaller. I really didn't think I could get these sort of results without an implant and am really happy with the results.
  8. looks like I have a slight infection along tt incision. I have an area about 10cm long that is painful and slightly red. PS is not in his office today so I was advised to go to GP, who has started me on antibiotics as a precaution so it doesn't get any worse. Hope it clears up quickly because this is the only area I have pain.
  9. I did notice a funny smell while the drains were still in, but it went as soon as they were removed
  10. Different PS have different views on post operative care post TT. My PS would not let patients leave hospital until drains are removed due to increased risk of infection. Until the drains were removed I was on IV antibiotics 3 times per day, as soon as the drains were removed these were stopped. I had had 3 previous c-sections and had very minimal pain, I found TT to be much more painful. Most of my pain was at the top of my stomach where the muscles had been sewn back together, not pain at the incision site. I managed to sleep on my side last night, it was so nice & I slept so much better than I have been on my back
  11. Have any of you ladies who have had your TT been having trouble with swelling? My stomach became really swollen today, think I have been doing too much. Have put 2nd compression garment on top of first and have been resting for the last couple of hours and using ice, think it is starting to go down a little
  12. Good luck with your operation tomorrow Violeta78 can't wait to hear how you go.
  13. Good luck nannydeb, can't wait to hear how you go.
  14. I had TT & BL & stayed in hospital 4 nights, probably could have gone after 3 but was worried about kids climbing on me when I got home
  15. I am 5 days post BL and was just wondering how long it took for the swelling to go down & did the size change much once the swelling was gone. I love the size and shape and am hoping that I don't lose too much size with the swelling going down. They don't feel overly firm so hoping there is not a lot of swelling.
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