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  1. If you are unsatisfied with 500cc, 600cc ain’t gonna make a difference. You will need a bigger implant to notice a change. Dr Dona is the bigger implant man.
  2. Referral from a doctor is only needed if you plan on getting a surgery that Medicare/Health insurance may chip in for. So if it’s only an augmentation you’re getting it won’t be required.
  3. You have to remember that some people just love the attention. Or also take to the media when they haven’t done their research and things go badly. The media is rubbish.
  4. At the end of the day it’s your decision to make, not theirs. You aren’t a child. But I do personally agree you should pay your parents back before you get a BA. You’re 26 years old you shouldn’t be relying on them for any financial reasons. Owing money to anyone apart from a bank is never a good idea. People get way to weird when money is involved.
  5. I had DD boobs prior to implants, and I have 920cc and they’re still not huge. They’re just proportionate for my body. 350cc is a small implant, so if you don’t want just a subtle change maybe have another consult.
  6. We aren’t surgeons. You don’t really want a bunch of women picking you apart based on their mere opinions. That more sounds like a roasting if anything. If you are genuinely insecure about how you look you can consult with a professional. Whether that be a professional that will help you physically, or mentally - you may benefit from either, everyone is different. But you definitely don’t need us random people telling you to improve yourself.
  7. I’m not having a cosmetic surgeon vs plastic surgeon debate with you. You’ve clearly convinced yourself cosmetic surgeons are something they aren’t. It’s as clear as day what the two are. Unfortunately there’s some people who just can’t differentiate between both. Good luck with your cosmetic surgeons. I hope we don’t see you on the news complaining they botched you.
  8. Just because you had an okay result with a cosmetic surgeon does not mean you should be recommending them over a PS and stating one isn’t better than the other. Because that is a load of BS. If you are happy to put your body into untrained hands - that’s fine. But don’t mislead people and pretend there’s no difference. Jesus. Sure, people may get a nice result with a GP (cosmetic surgeon). But they aren’t trained as a plastic surgeon is. Otherwise they would have the same title (duh) So please actually do your research before telling us all your wrong info. Thanks
  9. I know trying not to compare can be hard - but it’s in no way going to help you what so ever. So many different factors come into play when it comes to implants, not just whether they’re over or under the muscle. So it’s honestly not going to make a difference too you. I would be going with what Dr Dona is opting for, that’s how you will get the best result.
  10. http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838 I really advise watching the four corners program. It speaks a lot about people choosing budget surgery with cosmetic surgeons and then complaining that they are botched. (Wonder why) Whilst it’s your choice to put your body and life into someone’s untrained hands.... don’t you think after experiencing the issues you have that you would make a wise decision and do it the right way and seek someone who has experience? Once upon a time I was naive too, cheap surgery sounds good right? WRONG. Now I actually value my life..... and breasts. You should too. A plastic surgeon can help you with sizing to ensure your desired outcome.
  11. My boobs feel as big as part of me as my arms, legs or head. To me they’ve never felt foreign. I never look down and think there’s my fake tiddies. Always just, wow nice tiddies self.
  12. I watched this yesterday. Whilst informative and sad for what happened to the patients. It’s nothing I wasn’t aware of. And really, it’s something we all should already know if we have had surgery. Obviously it isn’t because there’s still many choosing the cheap way out. At the end of the day there’s always going to be risks involved, cosmetic or plastic surgeon. But why would you want to double those odds just for a cheap surgery or cheap injectables. Some people expect the world, for very little money. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who does zero research.
  13. Unfortunately - it’s all a giant fad. They work absolutely - whilst you’re wearing it. When you take it off, you’re back to normal ha. It won’t actually give you that perfect shape it promises. Oh I tried, believe me. Also take Pixee Fox for example. She wears an extremely small waisted corset day in and day out, even had her ribs removed to be able to wear a smaller corset. When it’s on, daymn her shape is very hourglass. But when she takes it off, she’s back to her normal shape. I wish they worked, I really do. Although, I do eat less when I wear one, so that’s a plus I guess.
  14. They’re same same but different. If it’s just a straight forward upsize - you don’t really need any internal work done. They’ll fix your pocket as usual but that’s really all they’ll need to do. Sometimes revisions require more work, including lifts ect.... so that’s when more costs could some into play.
  15. He gave me four titties this one time. But you know, silly me choosing a cosmetic surgeon.
  16. No Australian companies will cover for cosmetic surgery overseas. This is as of December 2017. I doubt anything has changed since then. I’m actually surprised any do really.
  17. Revision is super common for upgrades. If you want to do it, do it. I don’t regret it for a second, would even go a third time even if could in Australia.
  18. Your friend isn’t you, so she can’t really make that judgment call. You have make the decision for yourself, advice can be nice - but at the end of the day only you have your best interest to consider. Sometimes it’s always the ones with no knowledge of implants or larger implants whom always have the biggest opinions on the matter. Don’t listen to these people. Listen to yourself and your surgeon and you will make the right decision, for you. I didn’t experience any pain throughout the recovery of either the first or second BA. The only thing was waking up from the anesthetic was horrific. But I just suck coming out of surgery regardless of what it is. But the recovery was merely the same. If you want to do it, do it. Don’t listen to any debbie downers.
  19. If you’re considering going bigger, you won’t be disappointed if you do so. I knew from day 1 of my first augmentation thst I was going to go bigger and that I did. I had a 360cc jump in my upsize and whilst it was noticeable it wasn’t a huge difference. My structure isn’t petite - I have quite broad shoulders - I wear a size 12 bra band size. So therefore having a broader frame you can accomodate a larger implant easier than just say a very petite frame and it doesn’t look overly big. I have 920ccs now, I can easily hide this implant without any issue if I need be. Even if I really want to show them off it requires a push up bra still. People’s idea of large implant is purely based on the number of cc’s you have, not their experience. So I wouldn’t be taking advice from anyone who doesn’t have first hand experience because they’re just telling you what they *think*. Speak to your surgeon, he/she will give you the best information and the best possible outcome. Remember implants always measure differently in bras than they actually look naked also. So whilst my 920cc implants measure a 12G - Naked they look more like a E cup. So don’t get caught up in the sizes. Just ensure you increase a minimum 200-300ccs to notice anything.
  20. Also interested in the lipo results! We’re you happy? I’m going to do a rhinoplasty with him and am thinking of doing lipo at the same time. ?
  21. That’s really interesting! ?? I’ve always been really intrigued and am researching the gastric sleeve at the moment as I’d like to pay for a family member to get it. I haven’t heard of sips before, so I’ll add that to my researching. Goodluck with it all. I’ve heard endless positive reviews regarding the sleeve. Life changing!
  22. You just gotta remember, no two boobs will EVER be the same. There will always be a slight, sometimes very very slight difference, but it’ll be there. You’ll probably drop down a bit more, and they’ll just get softer ect..... but if you were a little bit asymmetrical prior, you will most likely have that same result, just with larger boobs of course. It’s such a subtle difference, you have nothing to worry about.
  23. If you do decide to upgrade down the track - go bigger than the 360cc. If you are feeling 310cc is too small, I highly doubt an extra 50cc is going to leave you feeling satisfied. 50cc is only a shot glass - so barely anything. I’m sure many girls have felt the way you do currently, myself included. I knew from day 1 of my first surgery I would be having another, and I did a year later. My boobs still can get lost under clothes despite being 920ccs. I think when you’re first going through this process you get caught up in CCs, and sizes you really don’t think about the bigger picture. In my opinion, you are very early post op still - give yourself time to heal. But if you remain feeling the same way, definitely have another consult to see which implant size will be best to achieve what you are after. But you’ll definitely need more than a 50cc increase to notice a change.
  24. The only thing that should change is bras, maybe sports crops.... but the rest should be fine
  25. You should learn to read, probably not the best idea getting on the internet when you’re so illiterate. I’ve never said smaller implants are horrible. All I’ve done is corrected the misleading info you’ve given. Not very bright, are you? You’re great at making up BS though. So much so that you’re just imagining things that I’ve never even said to make yourself feel better ???? “It’s important that women who come here for advice hear from both sides” - you. Are you cooked????? YOU JUMP DOWN EVERYONES THROATS IF THEY GIVE DIFFERENT INFORMATION THAN YOU ??? There’s nothing wrong with giving opinions - but also facts are facts and you just to continue to argue them like an aggressive chihuahua. Unlike you I actually have useful information. Majority of the time though, I will say listen to the surgeon, they’re far more educated than anyone on here. Which is exactly what they should be doing instead of having to deal with your childish a$$ anyway. You only have experience with smaller implants therefore this is the only opinion you should be bringing to the table. Yet you continue to act like you know everything, when it’s so far from that. I’ve never read such misleading, incorrect advice. Of course I’m going to comment when I see something like that ? Anyway, I am so done with you. I genuinely just feel sorry for you so there’s no need to further keep going. Debating with a crazy person really isn’t going to get me anywhere so I’m tapping out. Bye Felicia Amen ?? You cant handle the truth ? They’re set off when the word “small” is used but continues to say doesn’t want “big” boobs. Can’t win ??
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